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The Life of a Story

August 18, 2010
By MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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Good afternoon at this moment I would like to introduce myself, but it will be hard for me you see because I do not have a name. Well actually I can have several different names for several different reasons or events or even both. However if you would like to call me something call me … “S” or “Z” cause not only do I not have a specific name for you today ,but what ever my name will be depends on you. I know it may be hard to comprehend at this moment, but later on I’m sure you’ll get the picture. Now that we have been introduced – to a degree. I would like to share with you where I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve seen. This will reveal to you who I am and what I am all about. There are two parts to who I am. And I hope to explain it to you as clearly as I can. Well … where do I start? How about the beginning? Actually the beginning can be very confusing so let’s just go from where I remember…

Luscious grass, and sparkling water, every flower I could ever imagine was in my sight, and the aroma of warm sun mixed with the ripened fruit of trees. It feels like it was just moments ago that I woke up to the words “All is good”. There was a feeling I couldn’t describe within myself. It seemed as though every time something new happened no matter what it was; whether it was a flower blooming, a volcano erupting, a baby being born, or a building being constructed. Even if these events were all happening one second apart from one another, it was as if my life started all over again, and my entire being was becoming one with and starting something new. If I had to explain it to you- then it would be like this. It kind of feels like when you go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air into your lungs, and then there’s this vibration of power that just fills your entire body and sends shivers of joy down your spine. Even some times now I am not used to it.

As my journey continued, it took me places as things started to happen. The strange thing was that as I moved with time. I myself did not leave my original host. So weather it was that flower or baby I did not leave them but in fact I was gathered to them. So the flower was on one side of the earth and the baby was on the other side but I did no leave that flower I just became one with the baby and stayed one with the flower. And as life moved on at its pace I became more numerous but I was still the same being just with a different host as I might put it. When I say host I mean it in reference to the new life I’ve become one with. So as life moved on I moved with it gathering many hosts and being scattered in many different directions. This would be the reason why I have seen and been in a numerous amount of different places. Every time they started I would start with them and move until their life came to an end which would mean my life as well. There journey beyond life on earth I was not allowed to partake in, for I can only go as far as the human soul can- mind, will, and emotions.

However… there is one acceptation to the life experience after ward and that is only if my host has left and come back am I able to reveal such things. Or unless of course the Author of the universe has reveled to another one of my hosts the after experience of the other person. My nature can only start when another life begins and when it ends, I cannot control when it starts or when it ends and I cannot tell you when it starts or ends. So anything that is born, birthed, or built is as much of a surprise to me as it is you. The only difference between me and you is that I get to find out first.

From the Empire State Building, to the pyramids in Egypt, I have seen it all Eiffel tower, Great Wall of China, and the Rocky Mountains. Over again, every day, and pretty much every second I get the chance to see the wonders of the world. I could tell you their histories from begging to end. There is nothing that I lack on knowledge and information, even things that have not yet been discovered I know about, all the secrets and mysteries of the universe. It just happens to be that people these days have not yet tapped into those discoveries. And because of this, they have not been revealed.

From the first man to the baby being born right now I have become one with every one. Esther, Abraham, Alexander the Great, Hitler, President Bush, Arnold Shwartzinieger, and even you. I cannot be taken away, or thrown out; you are stuck with me for the rest of your lives. Although you do not even notice me or think that I am there. I partake in everything that you do, and to say whether I enjoy it or not is not my place for I don’t speak to you either. Your life is just what I am. And there is no separation of that. What I am is shown in you or from you as I should say.

I do not have a will. No mind of my own. I do not create my own actions. Or choose what I’m going to look like each day. For your will is my will, your thoughts are my thoughts, as well as your actions and decisions. What ever you do defines who I am. And I cannot go against it. You control me. And I am just the reflection of you.

I said before that there were two parts to who I am. This first part you just experienced was in the form of me in creation and life. I in everything and anything you could ever think of; human, plant, animal, or man made object. Yes there is a life to everything not life in everything. It doesn’t matter whether it can’t talk, move, or die. I will be there.

This second part if you look at it one way can be entirely different and somewhat contradicting to the first part. But they are both related. I will explain. You see not only do I become one with everything, and start over and over again, but I am also a figment of every ones imagination. I can be so unreal, that people can mistake me as a piece of history. Little children will mistaken me to be true when infact I am nothing but mere words and fables. Now as I go on. I will not be using the word host and will just be referring them as people. To make it easier to understand.

But as I said before I have hosts. This means that I do indeed have a body. The first was a fleshy skin, nature and man made object type body. However there is a second body that I can have as well. This type of body never gets bigger than I say a microwave. In the beginning stages of my development I am some what jumbled up in the mind of one a person. It is not until he or she decides that I will be made can my body come in to being. So first I must be conceived. The next part of my development must be in the decision of that person on what form I will take. Will they decide to make me suspenseful, or humorous? Will I cause fear and sorrow or bring joy? So now the DNA must take its course and choose. Just like the DNA of a baby’s body must decide on whether it will be a boy or girl. So must that person give me a gender, characteristic or genres of what I will have.

The third part of my development stage is that I must grow in width and length. Now this is where I differ from a flashy human body in that as I grow my body is remade and revised, some of it will be taken out and added to. Sometimes parts of me are torn out and even thrown away. Then when I am completely made it is time for me to be birthed. This is when every one finds out how big or small I am and what genres I have become.

Now that I have been born I must be approved. I am handed to a different person and sometimes several other people. With this I am looked at from front to back. Where the facts of my contents are weighed out, measured, and examined. But what about a name? What will my name be? I can tell you that most of the time while in the process of being made the choice of my name is well thought over and has to be determined to be just right and appealing. And several times it will be changed.

Now the last few stages of my development is where I differ from that of a human baby. With the fact that I have to be multiplied into many. Sometimes there are not enough of me to go around, and then there are other times when no one wants me. But in the instances of where I am wanted I am brought to a home. One of which I cannot pick myself. Remember I do not a have a will.

Another way I differ in the process of that of a baby is that when you decide to use me you break my spine. “But I thought you said that this was not a human body?” If this is what you are thinking then you are correct. But just because I do not have a human body does not mean that I do not have parts to the type of body that I have. There are a few similarities between you and me in this area. Just like you I have a spine, a face, and a back. I have an inside, and my frame work can be either hard and built or soft and flimsy. You were made from the dust of the earth and I was made from the dust of a tree. Your Author is the one of life and words of knowledge and mine is the one of ink and paper. Lady’s and gentle men what I am is a STORY.

My entire being revolves around life and anything in it. You can write a story about anything even if it itself does not have breath. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phrase “A day in the life of a…” whatever it is a flower, a bouncy ball, or a grain of sand every one of these things has a story. If they didn’t how would we know how they were made where they came from or what purpose they have.

We all know that the Creator of the universe in only the Author of good. It has also been said that evil comes where there has been that lack of good. This is where my life as a story takes its tumbles. Because of the lack of good and the numerous amounts of sin and corruption that has populated the earth. There are many stories made today that have been filled with corruption. Why? Because the world has been inspired by sin. As a story I have been used and abused not just by ink and paper, but also by human nature.

And just like ordinary objects and even more- you as a human being have a story about yourself a story to tell and share of what great things God has done in your life. He created you and has a plan and purpose for your life. The Story that is planned out for you is so great you can’t even begin to imagine. But as much of what God has done is doing and will do for you in the future it is your job to make a decision. Will you live on that Story he has planned for you? Will you color in the lines of your life for all to see? God is your Author and it’s something that shouldn’t be denied. God also did not make you a robot, but gave you choices.

So now it’s your time to choose. Do you want to be known as a person who lived their life to the fullest to the hight of your ablility, giving every one you met a chance to experience an act of kindness.Being positive instead of negative, bringing people up instead of bringing them down. As a Story I have come to learn and important piece of the Word “All things work together for good towards those who please God.” God is your author and you are the publisher. You give the final say on what people are going to read and hear about you.

Will you want people to read your story as a failure? Or one of success that fully represents what and amazing Author God is and that if he has an inspiring story for you. Then he has an inspiring story for someone else who may not know that there is someone out there that wants the best for them.

As the Author Gods got the outline. What will you write in between those lines? And what colors will you use to illustrate those pictures? What will you publish?

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