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It only got better

August 3, 2010
By Zueskat SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Zueskat SILVER, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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I held up my phone to see if I was going to need to find the charger. Hopefully, I wouldn't.
I texted Falicity back to see if she wasn't asleep yet. It was 1:32am. We usually weren't awake at this time. But this was just one of those nights.
As Falicity texted me back, rain started to hit the glass window of my room. The calming sound make me feel at ease. I started to wounder why my mother hated the rain so much before she died. Really, she just hated water. But my dad loved water. He loved going out in the rain and he loved swimming too. I don't know how people so different could still be together for 20 years. Exept, my dad is the only one still alive. Both my mom and brother died in a car crash two years ago. My mom was 40, and my brother was three. I did miss them.
I looked over the message Falicity sent me.

Falicity: I can't BELIVE that Jason would love a girl like Lauren Scott!!! I hate her.

Lauren Scott was one of those people who thought they were better than anybody else. She was mean to everyone. Exept the hot guys.
Jason is one of the hot guys. Exept, he's nothing like Lauren. He was sweet and he loved animals. I bet Lauren wears animal fur. Jason loves science too. Lauren couldn't care less about science.
I just wanted Jason to be with somebody better. Somebody like Falicity.
Falicity was like him. Lauren hated Falicity because of what she looks like. Falicity is DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL.
On the other hand, I wasn't beautiful. Nor was I pretty. But I felt that the guys that liked me didnt care what I looked like. Jason doesn't care about looks either. Another reason it kinda explains why he could be with Lauren. Lauren was pretty, but she was so fake. Mean and fake. Two factors, that sucked in a person's personality.
The next day at school we saw a huge crowd coming in from the right. I was with Falicity and Jamie.
We went over to see what everyone was talking about.

" Jason! How dare you ever tell that girl she's better than ME. I'm perfect! Perfect!!! How can you like her?!" Lauren screamed. It was funny. She wasn't better. Who were they talking about anyways?
Lauren looked over at us.
" Falicity you are ugly! You have a face only your mother could love! You don't desurve a happy life! Your so ugly!" Falicity's eyes grew wide and she ran. I could swear I had seen her face all red.
In one secound Jason grabbed Lauren's arm. They both faced each other.
" It's over." He told her.

Jason ran after Falicity. I ran after her too.
Falicity was sitting down crying. Jason went down and sat next to her.
" All those things that Lauren said weren't true. Your beautiful."

" Your only saying that to make me feel better." She put her face against her arms and looked up at Jason. Her face was still red.
" Maybe I am. But it doesn't change what i'm saying. They arent lies. You ARE beautiful. I just wish you knew how beautiful you are. You beat all the girls in the world. I don't even think i'm good enough for you."
" Really?" Falicity smiled.
" Really." Jason replyed.

And, it only got better. Even for me.

The author's comments:
I like this story. It ties in two people. Two sides of the story. I love it!!!

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