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The Road that Found Home

June 28, 2010
By insanewriter23 BRONZE, Winthrop, Massachusetts
insanewriter23 BRONZE, Winthrop, Massachusetts
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It’s not the street you usually go down. But for some reason that day you turned down a different road. Maybe it was the sight that made you turn down the road. As you were walking you realize, this road looks just like the others. Medium two floor houses lined the street in dull hues which made the sky stand out. Getting to the end of the road you realize you were going in the opposite direction of your house. Still, you keep following whatever was bringing you down this road. You continue to walk till the thick black pavement turns narrow, then till it turns into a thin dirt trail. You are heading to the forest, because that’s where the trail leads and you’re not turning back. You smell the pine air before it came fully into view. Getting engulfed by the smell only drove you further. You feel at home, this could be where I belong, you thought as you continue walking. Seeing the flowers, the trees, even the animals you feel more comfortable. Stepping over the fallen trees and short ferns you made your way through the forest. The leaves rustle your hair as the wind picked them up. They follow you, making a protective cage around you as the wind blew them in circles. Stepping over the last moss covered tree you walk into an open meadow. The sun beat down from the sky, through openings in the trees, lightening up the small flowers that covered the ground. It’s not the road you usually go down. But for some reason that day you turned down a different road, and found home.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I wasnted you to go on an adventure of sorts and find something different then other people.

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