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The IM Angel

April 24, 2008
By Anonymous

After meeting each other in a public chat room; two people of the same age begin to talk to each other to pass the time:

Puresicilian1992: wait, why do people keep asking to touch ur stomack i dont understand....?

Puresicilian1992: r u prego or something?

xXxokisexixXx: yea

Puresicilian1992: oh wow, how many months?

xXxokisexixXx: 6

Puresicilian1992: oh wow, well then u must have the stomack huh?

xXxokisexixXx: yea...

Puresicilian1992: yea i know waht ur going through

(five minutes pass; no response)

Puresicilian1992: hey u still there?

Puresicilian1992: r u ok?

xXxokisexixXx: yea srry, i had some sharp pains in my back

Puresicilian1992: wow damn, i didnt know the pain was that bad? r u ok?

xXxokisexixXx: im in the hospital

Puresicilian1992: what?! why, what happened?

xXxokisexixXx: here talk to my brother

Puresicilian1992: umm ok =D

xXxokisexixXx: hey hows it goin?

Puresicilian1992: good, what happened to ur sister?

xXxokisexixXx: her ex bf, the one who go her pregnant, pushed her down the stairs

Puresicilian1992: omg thats horrible! what kind of evil person is he?

xXxokisexixXx: well thats kinda the reason why the whole family isnt here

Puresicilian1992: oh, i hope they take care of him, he diserves it

xXxokisexixXx: yea, she's going to have the baby

Puresicilian1992: but she said she was only 6 months

xXxokisexixXx: she still going to have the baby

Puresicilian1992: wait why? thats three months premature!

xXxokisexixXx: its cause of what happened, after she fell down the stairs...

Puresicilian1992: well tell her that i'm here for her if she needs someone to talk to

(five minutes go by; no response)

Puresicilian1992: r u there?

Puresicilian1992: did i say something wrong?

Puresicilian1992: hello?

xXxokisexixXx has signed off

(one minute later)

Puresicilian1992 is away


she was going to have the baby, and there was nothing anyone could do about it, wether they liked it or not, the child runs a great risk of dieing. The mother, only 16 years of age, also has risks of internal bleeding, and the person she was chatting with is no where to be found...

"Your going to be ok", says brother, as his sister is rushed into the emergancy room, about to have a baby 3 months prematurely due to injeries from falling down a stairwell. She grabs brother's hand painfuly tight, but brother doesnt flinch one bit. "Just kill me now! I can't take the pain anymore!", she said as brother despritly tried to calm her down. "Don't say things like that, you're going to be fine, trust me." She began to screem, and brother running helplessly beside her and the medics running her to the emergancy room, didn't know how to react to something he had never experianced.

They reached the emergancy room with plenty of time. As the surgeary was being prepaired, brother sat in the waiting room, waiting for what dreadful outcome might scar his little sister forever, or even worse, kill both her and the child.

Brother, a religious man, quiekly kneeled down in front of the waiting room chair that was bolted to the wall. He began to pray for his sisters health, and for the welfair of the premature child, that most likely, if surviving, will suffer severe diformaties. He said each line of his prair with every ounce of energy within his heart. Brother did not want to hear the date of his sister's death anytime soon, or even in his lifetime.

Several hours pass. Brother decides to pray again, this time makeing a deal with the lord. Brother prays that if his sister and the child both servive with perfect health, he will run across the country, in order to earn money for the unfortunate. This time, an angel hears his plees. An angel that he has spoken too before, stands behind him listening to his prairs.

After a few more hours, brother is very tired, but fights to stay awake for his sister's sake. The docters walk outside to tell brother the news. To brother's delight, he hears that his sister and the child are both perfectly fine, and will recover with no problems. Brother called the rest of his family telling them the good news, and a few days later, they celebrated both the good health of the sister and the child, who were both still at the hospital recovering.

Brother went online to tell his sister's new friend about the good news:

xXxokisexixXx: DUDE SHE'S GOING TO BE OK!!!

Puresicilian1992: wait what happened?

xXxokisexixXx: she had the child and is makeing a full recovery!

Puresicilain1992: oh wow, thats grate! im so happy for u, her, and her family

xXxokisexixXx: thanks man

Puresicilian1992: Theres no need for thank you's, u still have promises to u made, u need to keep a promise ;)

xXxokisexixXx: Promise? what promise?

Puresicilian1992: I suggest u buy some good shoes, a good amount of money, and all of your enthusiasm ;)

xXxokisexixXx: what? i dont understand? who r u?

Puresicilian1992: Lets just say u might want to get off your butt from the computer and start running like u promised =D

xXxokisexixXx has signed off


Brother unplugged the computer and sat thinking. "Was that the lord I just spoke too? That's impossible! There's no way..." Brother thought, but soon, as it sunk into his head, he knew it was true.

Brother got his things together, told his family about the fundraiser, and left to complete his promiss with the lord. Brother, running all the way across the country with several other people joining him on the way, became so happy. He ran his promised fundraiser two more times before his death, helping so many in need of help. Brother's sister lived a long life with her child, getting married to a man from sicily. She and her family lived a happy life, thanks to her brother's prayer...

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I really loved that story and I thought it was so cool how it was the Lord talking to him. Keep writing!