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Reversed Tragedy

March 7, 2010
By KaniusOne BRONZE, Okc, Oklahoma
KaniusOne BRONZE, Okc, Oklahoma
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"It's not what you can't do, it's what you did do."

Love is something that should never be spoken of: It causes pain, it causes wars, it causes hate. Everything and anything in the world we know is functioned by love, and its like a crime. I mean, look at death; you cant have hate without love, or death without life. It's like a twisted utpoia; cause nothings perfect, really. One day I hope I cant just rest peacefully, but that's just another scam, right? I remember when things wernt so difficult to diside; where a simple blow of the mind meant the world to you. Heck, im in need of pycological help from my profound experiences. You want to listen? Sit, ill unfold.

To start, ill begin with my essence of life; birth. I dont recall being brought into egsistance as a canine, only a vague recolection of a human child. Weird as it is, I can distinctivly reactivate any time period in my life; no lies. However it may seem talented or wonderous, its infact the opposite, and a pain. Sometimes its like agonizing torture to have to reexperences the ghastly nightmares of dying, or the fact everyone's face is missing in my memories. I have no clue as to what these mishaps are, because im not even sure this is me. You understand this?

Now that you know all of this, you must understand what growing up was. I was a striphe to my mother, and my father disapeared. At a young age, I was abandoned, and left on the filthy corner of a 7-11, left in the grim of a crevice just beneth a dumpster. Crawling with maggots and slithering slime, I stayed there invisable for a few nights until the morning when the trash was picked up. I was recovered and taken to the hospital; the dark place of mystery and lonlyness. Almost as soon as I got there, was I caught running off to explore the children's center, where decaying, feeble infants sscoffed along until they,too withered away like the old folk. However it my be they had adults- parents- there to confort them. I often became jealous during my quick stay there; not even a nurse came. Eventually the resentment became hatred, and with an innocent yet underdeveloped mind like mine wasent quite the one to see the other sides of things, just then. On my last day, I met another little boy who's parents were afraid to visit him; cowards of his illness. He was completly miserable, though I begged to differ. Non the less, we became wonderous allies and desided that not even indiffrences could tear our connection. He desided once he was better and grew up, we could both run away and visit all the deserts in the world, specifically Vacio city; the most remarkable city in the universe. Or to us, anyhow. Being so young we never continued this relationship. I never even got to hear of his announced death, two weeks later.

When I was adopted out, the third time, I was finally exposed to two beautiful, caring women who were very much in love, and could care for anything. I left love once more, and was quite exillerated at the easyness of things. In seventh grade, there was a car crash and my two mothers were smashed into the windshield, and thier guts all over the concreite roads, along with my shrinking heart. Instead of going to the funeral, I was determined to find a place in life. It certanly wasent being a cry baby.

After I aged up and dropped out of high school, I started working at a ruthless, child laboring clothes factory, which later closed down and revamped into a machine-only factory belt. Once I desided to change to an industry in construction, but all that got me was a missing finger and a broken arm. When I didint go back to the hospital, my arm never quite healed correctly so now my left arm has a sort of crink in it around the humerous side, and is usually bothersome to walk on. A few years later I was laid off at mining and desided to just make a living hopping jobs and such.

Then comes the love of my life; Laina. Oh she was the most magnifecent thing on two legs; even her smile could melt your soul. I remember her laugh, and the special nudge she gave me to show affection. Laina was compassionate towards everything, and could find optimisim even for a homless man; it was simply the sun on my horizon. Many years later, we had gotten married, and she was pregnat with my child. One delightfully warm afternoon we desided to stroll out into Central Park, and enjoy the crisp air during lunch time from the pizza palace. What I dididint know was that was the last walk we would have; she was shot and killed by some lunatic in a black ski mask while I was picking up the lunch.

The last major event was at the hospital-again - because I had gotten sick with the common cold and wasent getting better. My fevor meant nothing to me, but the fact I was diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia was. Before I could wait for it to consume my last breath, I desided to savor the last minutes of my time, and visit Vacio city, where I learned was quarintined. Without regret, I managed to get into Vacio, safley arriving on a building's roof top. WIth my evening near, I sighed a short huff, and huddled over to a bench and accepted the peace.

Sounds interesting, I suppose. All in all it was time consuming to be 'me', however waking up as a Mangie Coyote makes little impressment towards that. I did enjoy it, even if I was seemingly depresed with minor casualties. It was okay; I got some sort of second chance or what not. I dont belive in reinacrnation, so maybe im just a crazy lunatic with a psyco dream... Or maybe im just lucky.

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