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Cupcake of joy

January 12, 2010
By Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
Emi3ly SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The white fluffy icing held perfectly still in the little shop. It was a chocolate cupcake waiting. Just waiting. Waiting for someone to notice the white blanket set upon a brown island full of laughter, love, and happiness. Little girls would stumble into the counter and look through the glass. Their noses pressed up against the glass looking like pigs. Their eyes lighting up with joy as they look around at the wonderland of different sweets. Her gaze stops at the lonley cupcake and she smiles. Her curls bounce as she turns to find her mother. She asks her mommy for the cupcake she pointed to. The mom says no and buys something else. The little girl pouts and walks away sad. Every day the cupcake looks around at the different customers and straightens itself to let the customer find it. The other treats usually are the favorites. They are here for a moment and then they disappear out the door. The cupcake hasn't lost hope. It will not! Weeks go by and the cupcake hasn't been bought or even made one friend. People thought cupcakes were so last week. Or maybe even last year. The cupcake always gets it's hopes up. But, when the people leave, it sighs and starts to feel sad. No hope for this lonley cupcake. No one to bite through the white blanket and taste the cocoa sensation. No one. Even the baker ignores the cupcake. The cupcake can't be full of love, laughter, and into happiness, only sadness and bitterness left. After a few days the cupcake gives up and hides. Well one day, a lovely lady with expensive clothes on walked in and asked "Excuse me? But, do you have any chocolate cupcakes? I am craving one" The cupcake cheers up and stands tall and proud. The baker sighs and says "We have one left" The lady smiles and follows the baker. The baker opens the glass door and puts a hand in searching. The baker grabs the cupcake and put the cupcake on the counter. The cupcake looks at it's soon-to-be owner and gets butterflies. It was so excited to get eaten. The baker hands back the change and starts to get a bag. The lady says "I don't need a bag" and takes the cupcake in her hands. She looks at it and smiles. She opens her mouth and takes a bite. CHOMP. "Marvelous!" The cupcake is finally eaten and enjoyed.

The author's comments:
It's about a cupcake that has been in a bakery for a very long time and no one has bought it. In the end it gets bought and is enjoyed.

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