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The Wonderland Journals (Part Two)

January 4, 2010
By TheUnknownIsBliss GOLD, East Patchogue, New York
TheUnknownIsBliss GOLD, East Patchogue, New York
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Alice woke up at seven o'clock sharp as she did every morning. Only except this morning was particularly different.
She was late for a very important date. Alice did not have any idea about this though. Nor did the poor girl know that I was standing right outside her bedroom window.
I am the Mad Hatter. Friends call me M. H. Alice knew me as her crazy gardener in a funny top hat, and at the age of seventeen, just like the girl herself.
As I stood there, trimming the bushes in front of the north side of the Mays' manor, I realized I needed to get Alice to return to Wonderland. I knew she still remembered it.
Getting her to Wonderland shouldn't be that hard, should it?

- Mad



The author's comments:
Part two of the Wonderlan Journals

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