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The Sky is Crying

December 21, 2009
By its_me GOLD, San Mateo, California
its_me GOLD, San Mateo, California
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I look out the frosted window of my old, decrepit house. It’s raining outside. I see people running to their cars, trying to avoid getting wet. Others are opening their umbrellas. I see one man slip on the icy, wet concrete.

This is boring, there’s nothing to do. Well, I could help out my grandmother by cleaning the house. That would make things easier for her. She went to Marty's Grocery Store right down the street to get tomatoes and lettuce to go along with the burgers for dinner tonight. My three year old little brother, Aiden, is taking a nap on the couch.

I check the clock and its 5:50 pm. I get the heavy vacuum out of the coat closet downstairs and start vacuuming the living room. Its loud noise startled Aiden awake. He started to whine.

"Sorry, Aiden, go back to sleep." I walked over to the couch and patted his back. He was out in 2 minutes.

I turned the vacuum onto a lower setting and continued moving around the room. After another 15 minutes, I finished the whole house. It’s so clean; there is so much dust in the bag.

I wash the dishes next. There is a whole sink load of plates and cups here! I turn on the faucet, letting the water run over it. I scrubbed them until the sparkled. Done with the dishes. I load them on the dish rack. Then I do the laundry.

It’s now 7:18 pm. Where’s Grandma? Marty's closed 18 minutes ago.
There aren’t many more chores to do, so I’ll just sit and watch TV. I take Aiden in my arms, rocking him back and forth. I flip through the channels but not much is on. It was more interesting watching the people outside. I turn off the TV, continuing to keep my baby brother asleep. All of a sudden I hear tires screeching, a woman screaming and CRASH! That startled me. It awoke Aiden, too. I set him back down onto the couch and ran to the window to see what all that was about. I gasp. That truck hit my grandmother.
I pick up Aiden and I run down the stairs and to the door as fast as I can. I don't even bother to grab our rain jackets or goulashes. I see Grandma is lying on the ground, the vegetables splattered around her. I walk over as quickly and as carefully as I can over to the ambulance and police surrounding Grandma.
“What happened?” I asked the policeman, panicking.
“Are you related to this woman?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m her granddaughter.”
“I’m sorry to say that your Grandmother has passed away.” he said. I stood there, shocked, my mouth hanging open. “She got hit by this truck that slid on the slippery road.” he pointed at the red death machine with dents and shattered glass.
I couldn’t say anything.
“Again, I’m sorry.” He went on, understanding how bad I must feel and went back to his police cruiser.
My knees felt weak. I fell to the ground and set my brother onto his feet. Tears filled and burned my eyes.
"Emma. The sky is crying." Aiden mused, holding his palm out to the rain.
"No, Aiden. That's me."

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