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Why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

December 19, 2009
By ZoeR. GOLD, Redlands, California
ZoeR. GOLD, Redlands, California
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Once upon a time the sun wasn’t confined to one path, but flew around the world as he saw fit. It was his duty to give light to those who needed it the most. Everyone made sacrifices to him so that he would stay above them and give them light. For years the sun was reasonable. He went to the small villages to let them have light to give birth to the chiefs first son. He went to the big cities when the kings’ mages were looking for a Magick that would cure him from his illness. He was satisfied, at first, by any sacrifice, or offering that he got. Weather it be a bearskin cloak and a few beads, or seven horses, fourteen bars of gold and twenty one of the finest swine in the country. He was happy and felt proud of all the good things he did for the world.
Then the Lady of the Water and the King of the Skies made a new force, Luna The princess Moon. The Sun fell in love with the Princess Moon, and always sat at her feet and neglected his duties to light the world.
Let me tell you a little about the kind of person Luna The Princess Moon was. She was young. She was selfish. So selfish in fact that she didn’t see the true love in The Suns eyes. She was vain. So vain in fact that she told her mother Lady Water to divide herself from being one single body of water to go onto land in the form of lakes ponds and rivers so that Luna could have mirrors to look at herself in. She was a bad person. She would steal Fire from the humans so that she could have something to play with, that’s how she got her scars.
Now, the sun loved the Princess Moon, she was dark and mysterious. He was doing everything to please her. The Princess Moon loved the attention that she got from the sun and decided to use him to her advantage. She saw all the gold left uncollected in the world of the humans. So she told him that she would love him if he gave her gold and riches. He agreed being blinded by love.
At first she was content with the gold and silver that he gave her, but then started to want more and more. The Sun told the humans that he wouldn’t come to any of the cities unless they gave him lots of Jules and gold. After a while the demands got more and more ridiculous. And the small towns and villages went on living in the cold and dark.
Now the sun was a good person. He felt sorry for the humans and wanted to help them, but the moon said he shouldn’t. He listened to her the first three times he asked. But then the fourth time she said no he asked why. She told him that they don’t deserve his presence and he told her that it was his duty to bring light and warmth to every human. She told him to choose between the humans and her.
That’s when he realized that she was shallow and selfish and vain. He got really mad at her and flew at her in a fit of rage. She ran away. So they fought and ran around the world that the light flashed on and off around the world at an annoying and seizure-inducing kind of way.
That’s when Father Time looked up from the book that he was reading at took the first look at the young couple fighting. Stop! He cried. And they were suspended where they were in the directions they were going. Father Time confined them to those positions and let them spin forever the way there going.
And to this day, you can see the suns hot, mad glare reflecting off the Princess Moon.

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