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Beautiful Haunting part 1

November 15, 2009
By Ally_Yang PLATINUM, Smyrna, Tennessee
Ally_Yang PLATINUM, Smyrna, Tennessee
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Chapter 1: A New Family Could Mean Problems

The sky was dark and cloudy. The sun was powerless to mass of clouds. The crows perched on a tree just outside of what looked to be an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. The sound of tires on a rocky driveway could be heard on the inside of the house as the servant girl, whom was set fourth to serve the house occupants, stepped out the front door to greet her new masters. They had two children. A boy named Lee Jaejing and a girl named Lee Jeoneun. Her new masters' names were Lee Daesung and Lee Noona. "Good afternoon, young masters," said the servant girl. "Hey you,"said Mrs. Noona. She pointed to herself. "Yes you," stated Mrs. Noona," come get theese bags servant girl, and put them in my room." She did as she was told. Under her breath she mumbled," I have a name you know?" "What was that young lady?" asked Mrs. Noona. " I said I have a name," she yelled. She stood on the front steps in fear of what may happen next. "Well what is your name young lady?" asked Mr.Lee.
"oh, uh, my name....."she started to stutter;"m-my na-na-name is Cho Bae." She couldn't believe how beautiful his complection was. His teeth were perfect, and his smile,oh his beautiful smile, how it warmed your heart.

"It's nice to meet you Cho Bae," Mr. Lee smiled after he had stated that. Cho Bae began to blush and smile as she went on with her duties. " we have to keep her honey?" remarked Mrs. Noona .He stared into her beautiful eyes as they sparkled in the the slightest light that barely peirced through the darkness. She quickly ran to his arms. "Do we?"asked Mrs. Noona again. He squeezed her tight,"of course we do honey, she's served this house all her life as well as her past family members." Mrs.Noona looked up at him, and in the corner of her eye, she saw what looked to be Cho Bae staring out the window at the couple. She soon realized that she had fallen in love with her man so she decide to do something cruel. She wrapped her arms around his nick and gave him a big smooch. Cho Bae began to get angry as she realized what Mrs. Noona was up to. But now was no time to be thinking of how mad she was, she had a job to do. She went quickly to the kitchen to prepare a tea tray of Mango Green Tea and small pastry cakes. She assorted them accordingly to how she imagined it to look like. The couple came inside as she brought out the tray of teacups and what not. She escorted them to the living room, which badly needed to be furnished. She placed the tray down on a dusty old coffee table, as the kids ran around the room with their toys."Is there anything I can make you for lunch?" asked Cho Bae. "I would fancy some kimchi and kalbi for tonight and for lunch I would prefer shrimp tempura, beef stir-fry, beans, peppered steak, and rice." replied Mrs. Noona. Mr. Lee looked at her in amazement. " Will that be all ma'dam?" remarked Cho Bae. "Yes, thank you," said Mrs. Noona," and I want it all dome within two hours of time." Cho Bae knew she was in trouble now. There's no way you could finish the lunch entree in two hours of time, but she agreed to make lunch.


Therefore, she decided to get outside help. She told the masters she was going to buy the gocceries for meals tonight, but instead was going to a friend's house for help. She soon arrived at the doorstep of Chon Hee's mansion. It stood tall, made of all stone and bricks. It was a truly remarkable house with three stories. All of which included the lounge room, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a great room, a study, and so much more. Chon Hee married a noble man, he is a very rich and powerful buisness man who constantly travels the world. Chon Hee constantly gets lonley, seeing as her husband is never around, so she has fun with all kinds of men. Cho Bae quickly stumbled up the stairs and rang the doorbell. She waited a while until she was greeted by a house servant girl. " Good evening Xiao Jie," said the servant," the master would like you to come this way please." She quickly stepped inside and follwed the servant girl. She sat quietly in the study as she awaited for her dear friend. Suddenly, the door swung open."Hey girl," yelled Chon Hee in excitement as she ran over to give Cho Bae a bear hug. "How have you been lately girl?" asked Chon Hee.

The author's comments:
This story is going to be part of a novel I am working on. The story takes place in present day Anyang. South Korea. To find out more about it, read it and stay tuned for updates

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