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Not Another Boring Story

August 28, 2009
By natalianorori BRONZE, Managua, Other
natalianorori BRONZE, Managua, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Say “I love you” to your significant other and to your children. Studies show that more marriages last, and fewer kids use drugs, when these words are spoken every day.

Once upon a time in the year 832 B.C. there were three magicians so powerful that no force in the entire universe could ever beat them. Their names were Gato, Ninfa and Morsa, But nowadays they’re known as Jorge, Natalia and Tadea. They changed their names because they wanted to hide their identities; they are now too famous in earth. Another reason of their transformation was all the people stalking them like the paparazzi and now they needed peace in their life. They couldn’t tolerate the idea of living around all the crazy fans they had who followed every step they took.
Gato, Ninfa and morsa are brilliant, brave, good looking immortal creatures; there are legends about them all over the world. Most people consider them Greek Gods because of their grace and beauty. They lived in a village called “Cowland” it was full of cows, and all the cows were their slaves, but not because they forced them, but because they enjoyed it. After a while a rebel cow started the Milky revolution, and they tried to fight against the three beauties. However, Ninfa, Gato and Morsa refused to fight against the cows. Cows were powerless and not strong enough to cause damage to the three immortals. Gato, Ninfa and Morsa were 100% sure that they would beat the cows; besides, their time was precious and it would be a pity to waste it fighting against cows. Two years after the attempt of the milky revolution Cowland got its Independence. It is now known as the Vatican city. Gato, Morsa and Ninfa felt sorry for how the Vatican City looked like. It looked like an old pig farm, full of trash all over the streets because the cows had no sense of education. The three magicians had a big heart, so they tried to help the cows by adding deluxe to the city. So that’s why now the city looks perfect, clean and classy full of gold.
Years later they heard about a guy who was causing pain and damage all over the world; his Name was Pirulino Frijol. He was a crazy Mexican Immigrant who was causing trouble all over the world. Pirulino was a big bad fat guy who had a face that was so horrible that once left a guy blind. He was so disgusting that when he unbuttoned his shirt in his honey moon his wife died. They fought against him in a dusty dessert called Sahara. The killed Pirulino and they blamed Alexander the great, who was king of Greece, for that. Alexander the great noticed what the three magicians did and he presented charges against them. The three magicians went to jail, but they escaped by killing all the security guards. Even though it wasn’t necessary, they killed all the prisoners too, cutting their hands and gouging their eyes out, just in case they didn’t escape. They are claimed to have the best mug shots in the whole world.

Gato, Ninfa and Morsa went to Greece, in the Trojan war, they built the Trojan horse and infiltrated to the Trojan wall. They got torches and burned the place. During the Trojan war they met Aquiles, and they were supposed to give him support; however, they betrayed Aquiles and decided to pick arrows and killed him by throwing a little tiny arrow on his heel.
Two years later they went to a nice, loud, and technological country called china, they assaulted a gun shop and stole a unique weapon called nuclear flash grenade. They kept it for 50 years until they built the Great Wall of China so the impures, mud blood, anti-Semites, Nazis, Muslims, pagans, heretics, and blasphemers could not enter the country. They threw the nuclear flash grenade to china, but flashed all Asia, and left them almost blind, that’s the reason why they see widescreen.
Later Gato, Ninfa, and Morsa returned to Italy because they wanted to eat cow meat and there they meet a crazy wild homosexual called Leonardo Davinci who, worked at a stripper club called “LA RAMONA”. Davinci suddenly had a crush on Gato. His dream was to become a woman so in order to get rid of him Gato, Morsa and Ninfa painted a female version of him pregnant and they named it “la Mona Lisa”; Leonardo took all the credit for that and he became famous for a masterpiece he never actually created. Later they went to France and built the Eiffel tower and the Louvre museum to make the city beautiful and attractive. While they were in France they met Alfred Nobel at a Cafeteria. Alfred Nobel liked the three magicians so much that he invented the Nobel prizes because of them.
They went to Egypt and became friends with Tutankhamen, they built the pyramids of Egypt and they won another Nobel Prize for that. Later they killed Tutankhamen and converted him into mummy. They moved to Mexico which was a devastated city full of uncivilized Indians that were all wearing thongs. It was disgusting to see their naked buts. The Aztecs built their pyramids for them and they named them” the sun pyramids” because of the way Gato’s hair shined under the sun.
Later, they moved back to Italy again and they started the “illuminati” movement because they were illuminated. However, the illuminati betrayed them so in order to take revenge they decided to go and talk to the pope in a cloudy afternoon. They told him that the illuminati were doing evil plans against the church and how they were infiltrating in it, trying to convince people to stop following the church’s orders. The pope decided to create the template knights. they killed all the illuminates and the pope gave them a novel prize for that.
Years passed and one day when the three magicians were at their house in Texas, which was more a cavern than a house, a tornado came and blew it away. They were all sad for the house; lucky them nothing bad happened to their Nobel Prizes, which were their biggest and most valuable treasure. The three inseparables spent a lot of time finding a new place to live. After a while, they decided to go to Washington D.C., which at that time was a cold abandoned city in the United States. They decided to build their home there. Building their house took a lot of time and effort, but at the end it was worth it. The result of their hard work was was a huge, White house with beautiful gardens. They were proud of their new home and they named it the White house. unfortunately, they only lived 27 years in their house. Their house was so beautiful that the U.S. government took it away from them and accused them of terrorism . Fortunately they hypnotized them and ran away. while they were running away Morsa met a guy, he was good looking and had pale skin; his eyes were like some kind of Brown, he had Brown hair and he was average height, but he was a Little bizarre, It took a while for Morsa to find out that he was not a normal person, he was a vampire and he wanted to eat her so she freaked out and ran away. they didn’t kill him because Morsa loved him, and Ninfa and Gato didn’t want to see her suffer.
The three invincibles went to great Britain to sing to the queen with their amazing voice. She was so pleased and amazed by their charming voice that she gave them 3 tickets to go on the titanic, it was a huge ship so they thought it would be interesting if they traveled to new York. First the ship went to cherbourg-octeville which was a town located on Manche, France. Morsa, Gato and Ninfa felt pleased there because people were super friendly. While they were on their way to New York they met two guys; their names were Rose and Jack. They were a nice couple and they were really in love. they wanted them two to be together so they helped them to see each other, but suddenly the ship crashed against a huge iceberg and they couldn’t do anything to stop it because it was already too late, the first thing they did was to take a boat and they went sailing to New York. Thousands of persons stayed there, and even though they really tried they couldn’t save them. Later on the news they saw that 1517 passenger out of 2200 died and one of the dead ones was their friend jack. Rose survived, and she married again she was the owner of a huge blue diamond which was the most expensive Stone on earth; it was called the ocean’s heart. Ninfa was in love with that thing so she stole it. And rose never found out that the diamond was gone.
Nothing interesting happened until WWll, they made the holocaust but then they realized that Hitler was becoming more famous and powerful than them, so the three of them tried to kill him 12 times but they got bored and desisted.
Years later they received a phone call from Voldemort( gato’s evil twin) who said that a crazy boy named Harry Potter was trying to steal the sorcerer’s Stone so they tried to kill him but the boy was so cute that they felt sorry and they just did a Little scar to him on his forehead. The dark lord not only gave them a Nobel prize for that but also he gave them Cosmo and Wanda, two fairy odd parents that made all their wishes come true.
Later in a cloudy Winter, they went to visit some friends of Gato, which were werewolves and they told them about a bunch of vampires that were better than them. They wanted to meet those vampires so they went and met the bloodsuckers and they decided to kill them because they thought they were bad for the world, and they didn’t like vampires since one of them was trying to eat Morsa.
Days later Ninfa met a werewolf. He was huge; he had huge muscles and dark Brown hair, he was pretty hot. He and Ninfa felt deeply in love, but it was time for the three invincibles to leave. Ninfa was sad, she said her life was nonsense but Morsa and Gato told her that they would come back that there was no need to worry, because she would be with him together someday.
Later on the three magicians had to move to live to an undeveloped third world country called Yugopotamia. yugopotamia was governed by the monkey monarchy. When they arrived they saw all the streets covered with faces of King Kong and his wife. King Kong is the ugliest monkey of the country and his IQ is -92. He has a wife who does witchcraft, she is a short, hairy woman who is not into the shaving machines fashion, she doesn’t believe in shaving machines.
King Kong has an obsession with Christmas trees. He has all the country covered with them. They believe he wants to become Santa Claus or something so they once gave him a Christmas hat as a present. The citizens of Yugopotamia were tired of the Monkey Monarchy so they decided to create a revolution. The three magicians just couldn’t stand all the noise so they decided called all the cows from the Vatican City and send them to the streets to fight. The cows were dressed just like humans and they were carrying rocks, little bombs, and big sticks.
Months later the three magicians found out that the monkey in power was not doing anything good for the country, so they wrote a suicide note and killed him. They felt sorry for him but they had to do it.
Nowadays, Gato, Ninfa and Morsa go to school with normal kids and pretend to live a normal life. They have lived many adventures together that they will never forget. In this moment they’re at grammar their favorite class, in a class room with green walls full of ordinary humans who don’t have a clue of their superpowers. The teacher, a wise female that knows about everything, made them write a narrative story and without any doubt they will use their super powers to get an academic excellence. ;)

The author's comments:
we got this assignment about a month ago for our grammar class. We are three 15 year olders who really enjoy writing funny stories. this one is kind of a Parody of different events that have marked the world since the beginning of times. hope you enjoy (:

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on Sep. 5 2009 at 10:15 pm
alexander Orwell, Managua, Alabama
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this was awesome. i love it!

on Sep. 5 2009 at 9:52 pm
natalianorori BRONZE, Managua, Other
1 article 4 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Say “I love you” to your significant other and to your children. Studies show that more marriages last, and fewer kids use drugs, when these words are spoken every day.

thaanks (:

andrew said...
on Sep. 5 2009 at 9:45 pm
woww guys congratulations this story is good! hahahaha i cant stop laughing