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August 27, 2009
By Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
Jezabel PLATINUM, Ricmond, Virginia
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In the end we will not the remeber the words of your enemys, but the silence of are friends.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

I know im great. I can tell by the fact every girl is looking at me, instead of listening to the teacher. I sit with a group of my best friends. All of us wearing our football jersey. Were talking over the teacher.

“ I think there’s going to be scouts there tonight” Jo says.

“ Yeah they get to see you fumble” everyone laughs as Jo turns red.

“ Nice on Carter” says Aaron high fiveing me. The bell rings all of us leaving.

“ What is wrong with that old hag?”

“ I don’t know maybe she’s debating to be either the crazy old bird or a cat lady” I say this loud so she can hear me. We walk threw the halls, the crowds parting like the red sea. Too good for the rest.

“ Hey Carter” I hear a sing song voice, I flip around to see Kelly Shall. Wearing very little clothing, she winks at me. I wolf whistle as my mates make barking and panting noises. I turn around WAM. This pathetic girl has walked right into me. The crowd goes dead quite, im like the king of this place how did she not see me.

“ What are you blind” I yell, she tall around 5Ǝ, with long black hair. Her bangs covering her face. She wore all black, a floor length skirt with a long sleeve shirt. It’s the middle of spring and the rest of us are in tank tops and shorts. She’s on the ground feeling around for the books she’s dropped. My friends start to yell

“ watch wear your going”

“ Spaz much?”

“ What the hell!”

We all laugh as she continues looking for her book’s witch are right in front of her face. I hear a snarl, I look to wear her backpack is. Its has eyes a noise and is showing me all of its teeth. It’s a dog not a backpack. It’s wearing a red vest with one of those straps like a harness. She stands up holding her books to her skinny body. She again feels around this time for the dog. It movies so she can hold him. She looks up, so we can all see her very pale skin. Her eyes are closed, when she opens them she reveals these milky white eyes with a touch of violet. She smiles her scary eyes staring at me. I feel as if she looking into my soul, seeing every nasty word id ever said. Every lie, cheat, thing id stole, kid I bullied. I couldn’t look away, it was as if I was under a spell.

“ Why yes, I am”

The author's comments:
Hey, i'm jez. What to say sorry for my spelling. i'm dislesive

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