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May 16, 2023
By Anonymous

This is the story of a young man named Samy Dirk. Samy lived in an apartment in Jersey with no wife, no friends, and a dead end job. One gloomy morning Samy decided to go to a thrift store to see what “wonders” he could find. 

As a piece of the broken sign nearly hits him he enters the grimy thrift store. Samy looks around for about 20 minutes but he doesn't find anything that strikes his fancy. Samy stops in place as if he is hearing something. “Who just said that?” he said with confusion. “No seriously who is talking right now.” *ahem* Anyways, Samy looks around for a tad bit longer until he sees a cape. He is awe struck by its magnificence, a beauty like no other. “I mean it's alright but it's not great in any way.” Samy said definitely not hurting that capes feelings. After he sees the glorious cape he decides to purchase it.”But I don't want the cape,” said Samy. He purchased the cape and walked home!  

Samy went home with the cape in hand and decided to put it on. “Ok , what are you?!?” Samy screamed. I'm the cape that you're wearing right now and I am not leaving until the story ends. “But I'm not wearing the ca-'' Samy looks behind him and sees the cape on his back. There was a knock on the door. “H-hey is uh everything ok?” It was Samy's neighbor Ben who thought Samy was insane for obvious reasons. “That's it, I'm putting you in the paper shredder.” But Samy was too busy opening the door so therefore he could not stick me in the shredder! As the door opens a really really fat ginger man appears. This man's name is Ben and unlike Samy he has a half decent job, a wife, and friends. 

“Hey Samy, are you good?” He said with concern in his eyes. “Yeah why?” Samy replied. “Well I heard you scream as I was coming up the stairs and I thought you might have hurt yourself.” Ben said politely. “I also have another question.” Ben said with confusion. “Why are you wearing a cape?” he said, even more confused than before. “Oh that well… I bought it.” Wow he bought the cape who could have known. 

“SHUT UP!” Samy yelled. “WOAH dude calm down!” Ben replied. “Look man, I don't know what is going on with you but I'm just going to leave you alone.” Ben said shocked as he closed the door for Samy. “Great now because of you I look like a lunatic!” The cape replied with “Nope that was all you buddy.” After this encounter the cape decided to leave since he was bored of all this nonsense. “Thank god.” said Samy. 

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