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A List of Things That Might Go Wrong in Science Class

September 13, 2022
By Books_And_Scribbles PLATINUM, Adelaide, Other
Books_And_Scribbles PLATINUM, Adelaide, Other
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1. Cutting yourself with scissors and getting blood everywhere

2. Burning yourself on the hot glue gun 

3. Getting a really bad papercut (ow)

4. Getting a cardboard-cut, which is twice as bad as a papercut.

5. Getting stabbed in the eyes with a pencil.

6. Getting stabbed in the ear with a pencil and having your brains accidentally pulled out.

7. Being stabbed in the nose with a pencil and never being able to smell grandmas’ homemade cookies baking ever again. (The horror!)

8. Being stabbed in the mouth with a pencil, all your real teeth falling out, and having to get a full set of false teeth.

9. Your false teeth falling out while you’re trying to eat cardboard and landing on your toe.

10. A wild magpie swooping into the classroom and stealing your false teeth so it can bite people, and then biting everyone as well as swooping them. And stabbing them with pencils.

11. A crack opening in the floor of the science lab beneath you while you are wishing you could just disappear through a hole in the floor after the embarrassment of a magpie stealing your false teeth, and the ground swallowing you, burying you alive.

12. Having eaten cornflakes with tiny bugs in them that eat your guts and eventually devour you from the inside out until your stomach acids are on the outside and your cardboard is soggy and corroding, ruining your precious boomerangs.

13. Someone thinking you are a boomerang and throwing you out the window and it turns out you actually are a boomerang, so you come back through the broken window and go flying out the other one, and then spin back around through both of them, and keep going back and forth through the window, and that is your life now.

14. Evil man-eating space muffins taking over the school and deciding you are the tastiest snack, and they will bring you to their home planet to feed to their king muffin. 

15. Everyone in the school turning into zombies in the zombie apocalypse except for you and your school nemesis, and you have to survive together and not get your brains eaten, but your nemesis sacrifices you to the zombies, so you are now one of them and then you eat your nemesis’s brains as revenge.

16. The whole world exploding while you are working and everyone burning up until you are only ashes blowing in the breeze.

 I’d say that’s plausible. 

The author's comments:

We where making cardboard boomerangs for my Science class and afterwards we had to make a list of hazards from that lesson - and I might have gotten a bit carried away...
Enjoy : ) I hope this makes you laugh. 

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