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Hoplessly in Love

May 31, 2009
By ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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The woods were dark, but they held me closely. The trees were tall and seemed to reach to the heavens where all the stars shone brightly in the darkness of night. Cool breezes would come in every now and then, but as long as I had him, that mysterious stranger I would be all right. He would come dressed in cloths as dark as the night, but his eyes would shine letting me know that he was a good guy and that he would protect me and keep me warm.

I have been coming to the woods every night since the accident, it was the first time I saw him. James was driving Kim and me to a football game at our high school, it was homecoming, and we were all having fun just talking about relationships and friends when a dear walked out in the road. James tried his best to avoid the dear but all he did was crash into some trees causing his and Kim’s death. I was sitting in the backseat and I had my seatbelt on, when the car crashed I immediately unbuckled myself and got out. I moved towards the front of the red beat up car, I knew right away that James was dead and I tried my best to not break down in tears right there. I pulled out my cell phone and called the police and then tried my best to wake Kim up. Her head was bleeding but I wasn’t sure of how bad it was at the time.

“Help! Please, someone help”, I screamed hoping that someone would here and come to my rescue. I felt hopeless, I stroked Kim’s hair begging her to wake up, and I no longer could control my emotions. Instead of crying like I had originally intended to do I started kicking the car tires but while doing that I couldn’t help but think of how mad James would be if he knew I was abusing his car. I felt like I could here the police sirens but it seemed like it took years for them to actually arrive. When the ambulance showed up they put Kim on a stretcher and took her away but I already knew that she wouldn’t make it. After they drove off with Kim they insisted on taking me to the hospital to but I assured them that I had no injuries and told them I just wanted to go home. One of the police officers finally said I could go but he would come to my house for further questioning. I was upset because I had already told him everything but I just nodded my head and waited for my parents to show up and take me home.

Though my dear friends had just met their doom I couldn’t help thinking of how I should react to this. The normally reaction would be to take some days off of school and perhaps cry my heart out time and time again but the truth is that I didn’t feel like crying and I couldn’t take off of school without missing out on a million assignments so I that just left me with how to act around others. Should I cry? Should I not say anything? I knew that people were going to ask me questions and try their best to comfort me, of course I thought that the only reason they would comfort me would be because of their want for gossip. I supposes it was terrible of me to think that way, but it’s just how I think, all they would want was information so they could cry or show others that they know more than them. Of course I wanted to cry because nothing feels better than crying, but I couldn’t manage all I could do was wonder around the woods.

didn’t want to stumble across the police again so I walked as far from the accident as I could at the time, but I was exhausted. With the last of my energy I climbed a fairly large tree and fell asleep on some of the branches near the top hoping that no one would disturb me. Memories of all the times I had with James and Kim flashed through my mind uncontrollably, sometimes it was just one of them smiling sometimes it was a whole event like when we went to the park or coffee shop. I had befriended Kim first but James and I were best friends, his wavy brown hair was very attractive and he had large brown eyes separated by a huge nose. Kim had curly hair like me except hers was a lighter shade of brown and it was shorter, her eyes were also a lighter brown than mine and sometimes they would turn green, she was so pretty and everyone loved her. I was thinking about how I would never forget them when he showed up.

I was woken up by the sound of a wolf, I could tell it was late but I didn’t want to get up. I was sitting on one tree branch and had my head on another kind of like sleeping on a desk at school. I looked up only to see him dark brown eyes staring at me, I’m so sure what thoughts were going through my mind at the time other than the main thought who is this guy. I backed up a little from my spot but I didn’t’ have to much space to wiggle around.

“Good morning.” His voice was deep, but not manly, and even though it was still dark I could tell that he was young maybe twelve years old.

“It’s not morning.” It looked like it may have been four o’clock; I pulled myself up on a branch and then tried to make my way back down the tree. I got caught on some branches going down but I made it down mostly unharmed.

“It will be in 3 minutes and 42 seconds.” I just ignored him I had kid brothers I was used to ignoring what children said. I pulled out my phone to check the time but all I saw was my screen telling me that I had voicemail and forty-two missed calls. I put the phone back in my pocket; I decided that I would take care of those later. “What are you doing out here” I asked in my nicest I’m talking to a child voice.

“I’m camping.”

“Camping? Alone?” I looked around to see if anyone else was around, but I only saw more trees. I looked back at the kid; he had dark green eyes that looked just like the forest.

“No I’m here with my brother.” Of course being who I am, the first thought I had was I wonder if he’s cute. I felt terrible for thinking that with all that happened the previous night, but that didn’t stop me from thinking it. Though my next thoughts were more pessimistic, I kept thinking that he was a child to maybe fourteen or fifteen and I had a rule about dating younger guys, if they were more than a year younger than me it didn’t happen. Not that any of my guy rules applied to anyone, I never had a serious boyfriend.

Next thing I knew, a very attractive man walked through some trees towards me. I didn’t know what to do, I was captivated by his gorgeous brown eyes. When he extended his arm towards me implying that I shake his hand, that’s when I fell in love, hopeless love.

The author's comments:
It's the beginning of something much bigger but I felt like sharing.

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