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Physical and mental health

February 25, 2022
By Ameena3010 SILVER, Karachi, Other
Ameena3010 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Firstly ,we must consider our physical health by having healthy food.Healthy food keeps the body fit and strong.With healthy body different types of goals can be achieved because If we had completely healthy body,we would be able to do all the things we want to do in our life.

Next,It is important to strengthen mental health.If we had good health with worse mental health then there is no use of having good health because human works properly when they have better physical and mental health.

To begin with physical health, we must have fresh fruits and vegetables according to the season because fresh and seasonal food provides more energy and good health.It prevents us from many disease which we face in daily life and it strengthen all the organs of the body.

Secondly, Have good sleep because having good sleep will stronger our immune system, increase our productivity and it will improve our memory too. It will also help us to better our mood so that we are prepared all the time to do our jobs.

Thirdly, Always try to walk more and more instead of sitting all the time because walk maintain our weight of body and it lose our extra fat . It also prevents us from many disease like heart disease , stroke and high blood pressure and it strengthen our bones and muscles.

Lastly, we should remember that we are supposed to chew one bite of food thirty two times because it will be easily digested and we can be saved from stomach disease , constipation etc. As we know If the stomach is healthy it means the whole body is fit .

Turning to the strong mental health, We should do meditation and make good relationship because Meditation will help us to stay clam, relax and peaceful in any sort of difficult situations and good relationship will always keep us happy and strong to face any problem in daily life.

Leaving aside the stronger mental health, Good physical health is the besic need of us because If the physical health is improved so the mental health will be improved too. Good physical health gives us new energy every day and effects our mental health to make it strengthen and radiant.

In parentheses , I would like to give one of my friend example.She was physically weak and didn't have healthy food as well as she had some issues in relationships so she was hurt and starting eating harmful stuff.

She had a dream to visit her beautiful village because there was alot of higher and steeper mountain with snow,alot of large fields, green and beautiful valleys, rivers, streams and many more places to visit. One day she got opportunity to go to there so she went there. First day she was so happy to see her wonderful village and decided to visit all the village within a month but unfortunately due to her bad health within a day she got terribly sick and was admitted in hospital for one month . She was suffering from alot of issues regarding health as she had eaten alot of harmful and unhealthy stuff. She spent that whole month in a bed then her parents brought her to her town from village and she was given treatment so that she become healthier.

To sum up, healthy and seasonal food should be eaten for good health, strengthen mental health, walk more and more, have proper sleep, chew food properly, do meditation and make good relationships.

In sum, Health is very crucial for us either it is physical or mental to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we are supposed to be conscious about our physical and mental health so that we are able to achieve our goals in our lives.

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on May. 6 2022 at 3:54 pm
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Wow It is the homogeneous mixture of medical terminology and psychological fact tremendous working.....