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King of The Land

May 15, 2009
By Mitchell Kaskie BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Mitchell Kaskie BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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If I were in charge of the world…I would also be charge of the house. And what a wonderful house that would be, oh my! Yes, there would be no waking up early or doing the laundry. I do like the sound of that! An intercom system would be installed for the butlers to hear me when I need some food, or maybe an ice cold coke. Coke would be served at every meal with a great dessert at the end. There would be no house rules or a bed time. Ruff housing would be a game. Ping pong would be a pastime, and Xbox would be acknowledged as work. The surround sounds speakers would bounce you off the walls while the 58” hi definition televisions’ crystal clear picture could put you there. There wouldn’t be such a thing as ruining your meal; your stomach would be huge! I’d have a full work out center in my basement for my use when I like. Friends would always be around, and family too. Toilet paper in the bathroom would never run out, simply it’d be automatically replaced at the convenient tap of a button. Nothing would ever frustrate you when it gets lost, for a search party would find it at the snap of a finger. My favorite shows would always be on, and I’d never miss them because television would be a chore. House and The Office would never end. Also an outlet would also be handy when looking to plug something in. The front yard would be a mini football field, and the back a soccer field. My basketball court would have a retractable roof, so when the weather gets bad there’s a suitable indoor gym! There’d be an empty room padded with mattresses and pillows. And a big trampoline would be right in the middle; I’ve always wanted to do that. The attic would be a party room and my room would have a loft. The roof would be more accessible for playing the guitar. I’d have a huge tree fort right near the woods; I don’t really know why, it has always just sounded cool. Excellent food would always be plentiful; chocolate the new vegetable or a healthy snack. I’d never get bored. There would always be for relaxations. Everything I wanted would be grasped my hands. And nothing would ever go wrong again. Maybe being in charge of the house would be nice, but what I’d really want is for love to bountiful and happiness never to come to an end. Which I think I could work out because I’d be king of the land!

The author's comments:
This is a piece I wrote with a Eutopian theme and irony. Its based on a story i once read.

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