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The Golden Quest MAG

By Anonymous

   Rain pounded down, thunder rolled, cold winds sent chills down my spine, and I knew it was the day of our mission. My name's Dexter, my partner is Cleo. We both had a mission in life. We were going to capture the Golden Treasure.

Now, we knew four things about this treasure. Number one, it was kept in water. Two, we'd have to go through many regions to get to it. Three, it was on a high level area. Four, this wondrous delight was protected by a grotesque, gruesome, and hairy beast named Doocel. Since we were aware of these facts, Cleo and I figured that we were prepared for this journey and a possible confrontation with Doocel. We were wrong.

Since Cleo wanted to start at eleven o'clock, we fed ourselves and plotted our route. Finally, eleven o'clock came and we started off.

First we made our way through a large, strange-looking area. The land wasn't concrete or dirt, it was smooth and cold to the touch. There were many huge objects. One gave off cold blasts of air and made thundering, humming sounds that sent chills down your spine.

Then we entered another place filled with unbelievable sights. The land was soft and when you walked on it, the protruding parts would fold down under your feet. This place also had a few mountainous objects that were soft and would squish when we jumped on them.

Suddenly, Cleo gave a soft

whimper. I looked up and saw an appalling sight. A horrendous flesh-colored monster was walking through the soft valley. I winced from fright and joined Cleo in hiding. When the creature passed, Cleo and I emerged in relief and moved on.

The next place we had to make it through was where we would find the Golden Treasure. This was also the place where Doocel lived. We figured that if we went straight through and immediately jumped on the plateau where the treasure was, we would have less chance of waking the sleeping Doocel and taking part in a magnificent carnage.

On impulse, Cleo and I bolted toward the treasure. We passed Doocel without any problems, but as we were about to leap onto the platform, a great, thundering sound filled the air. We veered and found Doocel standing over us with a malicious look in his eyes.

Then we heard another pounding sound and saw the grotesque, fleshy beast we had seen earlier running toward us. He cried out, "Back, Doocel!" and approached us with a formidable look .

It reached down, picked us both up and said irritably, "You bad cats! You were going after Goldie again, weren't you?" Disgusted, he put us down, turned to Doocel and said, "Good dog. I knew I could count on you to protect my goldfish. Come into the kitchen for a treat."

Discouraged, Cleo and I left, each plotting a new scheme to get the Golden Treasure. n

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i love this !

PippinP GOLD said...
on May. 24 2009 at 1:19 pm
PippinP GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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LOL! That was so great! I didn't get it until he said "cats", then I started laughing!