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Saniya Name Essay

October 3, 2019
By Anonymous

In Arabic, my name means brilliant. It means radiant. It means splendid. It is a bouquet of flowers. The assorted one with sunflowers, daisies, roses, and tulips that always catch your eye as you’re walking to the checkout counter in a grocery store. You can never figure out if they’re real or manufactured in a quick glance. It evokes curiosity within you. Forces you to look deeper. 

In it’s Indian and Hindu origin, my name means a moment in time. One specific, but an undefinable instant in our length of existence. It is like the number 4. It is never-ending. 

Saniya represents structure and organization, as it holds so many sounds within two beats. It is like a strong wall, containing so much within it, but all you see at first is the perimeter. 

It transmits values and beliefs. Saniya is an overwhelming collection of things, covering all surfaces from wall to wall. It is an organized mess, so clustered but so uninformed. Somehow, they all tie together. It is the one green apple in a basket of red ones. 

Saniya. It sounds like pride. It sounds like creativity. It radiates cheerfulness. It is empowering. The syllables are sharp, the vowels are rough - but the transitions are smooth. 

My name is the color orange. Crazy and vibrant, but not aggressive. Energetic and confident, but pastel. The soothing color of orange punch on a summer day. The soft color you’ll see only in sunsets or feel on your skin in the sun. 

Saniya sounds like a new adventure, facing a fear, or finally conquering something you had only ever dreamed about. It smells like tanning oil or walking into a room with closed doors and a diffuser on. An earthy scent, awfully calming, but awakening. 

Having the name Saniya forces you to break out of your shell. For you to be outgoing. Not many people will pronounce it correctly on the first try. It evokes a conversation, it required explanation. 

6 letters, 2 syllables, 3 vowels, there is no way that can embody a person. But it does. It is a first impression, a vision for the future, a symbol, and an individualistic feature; all joined into one.

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