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Where am I?

March 31, 2019
By roved12 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
roved12 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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I smell the flowers and trees as I walk down the path... hear the squeaking of the swings and the laughter of the children. See the dogs playing amongst each other, I stop and stare as I admire the sound, smell, and things I see. I continue to walk, but slow my pace as I noticed the stack of leaves I’ve been taking with me with every step. As I find the nearest bench, i raise my shoe to see a chewed up piece of gum stuck to the bottom collected leaves of all different shapes and colors. I grab a branch to help myself remove the gunk, but the branch is sticky with sap. Not only are my shoes ruined, but my hand is now dirty too. And too my luck, a swan of birds happened to be flying over the bench I was sitting on and one just happened to have pooped on my shoulder. As I yelled in  disgust, many people stared. Mothers dragged their children away from me as I must have looked like a mad woman. Leaves attached to my shoes, my hand soaked by this yellow sap, and now poop down the side of my face. I angrily took my shoes off, which I intended to throw out immediately, and headed to the nearest source of water to try and wash away this horror of a day! My mind was spinning. I was frustrated. So frustrated, I didn’t even notice the man I had bumped into. He fell to the floor and all of his belongings had fell. Great, I thought, because my day could not get any better. I looked at this man, no, I smelt this man. He hasn’t showered in what smells like days! He has flies coming out of his ripped shoes and hair out of his nose. I looked down at the floor as I noticed he realized I had been staring, and saw what I have done! The bottles and cans rolled all over the floor, some in the bushes, others towards the street... this homeless, poor man looked up at me and said, “it’s alright. Tomorrow will be a better day.” He then smiled and walked away. How could I have ever thought I had a hard life? After seeing this man, and the words he told me, I looked up at the sky and once again, took in the smell, sound, and vista of what lays around me.

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