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Why do I have to clean my room?

November 29, 2018
By thisusernameistaken BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
thisusernameistaken BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The room is quiet, dark and empty. The room smells of shoes and foam. The air in their feels thin. The bed sheets are messy and hanging over the bed. There are items all over the bed like plushies, pencils, papers, candy wrappers, needles, thread and any other unnecessary items that shouldn’t belong there. Papers are scattered everywhere, towels, even some clothes to. The mirror that connects to the dresser is full of clothes that need to be hanged. The mirror contains of some stickers, even some festive and decorative hats hang on the top of the mirror. The window is no better, there seems to be some paint on it. The curtains has cat hair all over. It looks like it's never been washed. The walls are painted with pink and purple, covered in drawings, paintings, posters and some other things. It looks like this person might be lazy and a lil bit crazy, but it looks like home to them.

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