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A dying feeling- The Leaf

November 28, 2018
By Hiroshima SILVER, Raeford, North Carolina
Hiroshima SILVER, Raeford, North Carolina
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Perseverance is not one long race, but many short races one after the other
-Walter Elliott

As I slowly watch my fellow friends leave me I try and cling to my branch. I knew that as soon as I left my tree, I was as good as dead. I could not leave my children and wife here to suffer the loss of their father and husband, so I try to hold on. My breaths shorted slowly as the wind rattles through the trees. I know my time is here, but I still cling. I feel myself falling, drifting slowly away from the place I once called home through out the sunny days in this park. As I fall, I am taken by a smell of cinnamon and caramel. 'Is this what death smells like?' I think to my self. I find myself atop an amber haired girl drinking a caramel and cinnamon spice coffee. I turn sadly to see my wife and children are no longer on the tree. They have lost their lives trying to save me. Their flame colored bodies were laying cold on the cement sidewalk. I feel my self being taken by the hands of this amber haired human. "Such pretty colors." I hear her murmur. She looks sad, like she has experienced my pain, and understood my hurt. 'No!' I think. 'I cannot betray my family and appreciate this being.' I feel myself being swept up by a gust of wind, I see myself approaching the near the park pond, as I land on the pond, I am shocked, I feel my life draining out of me. I think sadly to myself- why must I live a life stationary? Why when one of our own tries to conquer other land, do they suffer defeat and end? Why must life be so short at our home? 

These are my final thoughts before death... Goodbye, world that was once full of color, goodbye land that is now gray and desolate, I am departing here to go and join my loved and cherished ones... goodbye... 

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I was doing creative writing

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