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Tuna Biting off Washington Coast

February 17, 2009
By MaliJo BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
MaliJo BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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"Don't just stand by and let it happen"

This just in. Washington is now floating out in the Pacific Ocean, after many tuna bit at the coast they finally detatched it form the land nearby and carried it away. They took it to Alaska were they tried to attach it. After failing many times they gave up, and they let it float away. Experts are saying they dont know if they can get it back again. They are giong to try to train the tuna to bring it back and use the famouse Gorilla glue to put it back together. They are goign to try to have the tuna graduate Med school by November 4th. Then begin training for moving it back on the 6th.

The author's comments:
It was a fun project to do in class. It was really fun to hear all the things that other students came up with.

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