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Secret Meetings

February 14, 2009
By Masked.Vampire SILVER, Warsaw, Kentucky
Masked.Vampire SILVER, Warsaw, Kentucky
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The graveyard was dark, it's silence thick. Night had fallen quickly, like a curtain over the surrounding area. Lights glittered in the distance, the Eiffel Tower the most promienent. The graveyard was located in the older part of Paris, the part where hardly anyone ventured. It was home to the darker people of the city, the ones that only fully emerged during the night. The night was cool, a soft breeze blowing through the branches of the few trees that lined the wrought iron fence around the graveyard. Several tombstones lay cracked and fallen across the ground, while others remained upright, still posing as markers to their owner's final resting place.

Bats flew out of a nearby tree, their dark forms blending into the cloudy night sky on their nightly hunt for food. A figure moved through the darkness, halting in his tracks as the bats came out of the tree. He hesitated a brief moment as he cast a gaze around the area, before leaping to perch on top of one of the older, more taller gravestones. He chuckled rather darkly, his eyes glittering a deep gold, and his pale skin reflecting brightly in the dark. A smile graced his lips as he looked to the left, where another figure - this one cloaked - was emerging from the dark. The cloaked figure pulled off the hood, revealing her beautiful face, just as pale as his.

"You're actually on time. I'm proud of you." She spoke in a soft, pretty voice. The man chuckled again.

"Always the tone of surprise darling, always the tone of surprise." He muttered, leaping down to land in front of her. She smiled, her pearly white teeth reflecting perfectly. The young woman, about the age of twenty, was beautiful. Black curls cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, and her eyes glittered a bright, almost emerald green. She dressed in all black, from her cloak, to the outfit she wore underneath, to her black stiletto heels.

"Maybe it's because you're always late." She responded, a French lilt in her voice as she ran a manicured nail down his cheek. He smirked, running a hand through his shaggy black hair.

"Can we just get this over with. I have other things to do." He mumbled, crossing his arms. She smirked.

"Yes, of course." She spoke, withdrawing a manilla folder from within her cloak and passing it to him. He took it, briefly flipping through the files as she continued to speak.

"Your job is to bring her here to him. He is most excited about her, so I suggest you bring her along quickly, or He'll be forced to do it himself, and you know how that turns out." She said with a faint eye-roll.

"Why is she so special? And if it's so important, why in the hell is He sending me?"

"Do I look like I know? I'm not stupid enough to ask questions. I just follow orders, and you'll do well to do the same. Just bring her here to Him and be quick about it." She stated. He sighed, but nodded, closing the folder, having already memorized the information. He tucked the folder into his coat, flexing his arms as he stretched.

"All right. Where is she exactly?"

"Maine. She graduates high school in about a month." She replied, gazing at her nails uninterestedly. He muttered something inaudible under his breath and she snorted.

"Don't even try it." She said, having heard every single word. "But there's something else you should know." She began and his attention focused on the serious look gracing her perfect features. He frowned. He knew there had to be a catch. There always was.

"What? Is she a total nut or something?"

"No you idiot." She hissed, glaring at him. "They know. And they want her. It's why He wants her found so quickly. You have to get to her before they do. If you don't, you might as well kiss your sorry butt goodbye."

"Thanks for the heads up." He muttered, placing a hand at the nape of his neck. "I'll do my best."

"Your best won't be good enough this time. This is serious. No fooling around this time." She ordered.

"Yes mother." He said with a crooked grin, his voice musical. She rolled her eyes again and shoved him gently.

"Now go before I decide to hurt you." She stated.

"You couldn't if you tried." He grinned. She lunged toward him, but he was already gone. She stood alone in the graveyard for a brief moment, casting a gaze around the area before she too disappeared in a blur.

The author's comments:
Something I wrote one rainy day, that I've thought about using as a prologue to a story. They don't have names, for I couldn't decide which names to give them. Make up names for them if you'd like.

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