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My Name

September 26, 2018
By Snowmobileguy BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Snowmobileguy BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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My name means “curly-headed” or “clever”. It feels like a cool ocean blue on a windy day. My name is a sunset after a fun and exciting day. Up and out all day but calms down at night time. I think my name is a little girly sometimes but being called Cass in shorter terms, it feels right. It sounds kind of cool. Of course Being one of the few boys with this name.   

My name fits just right, it’s not too long, it’s not too short. It rolls off the tongue unlike any other name before. It’s not hard to pronounce, it’s not easy to botch it. It rolls like the waves crashing down on a beach. My parents are proud of the name. I hope it stays like that. My mom said she liked the name because it was different. I’d have have to agree with her. I didn’t get my name for a specific reason, except for their enjoyment.

My name is Irish which I am not. My first name has no ties to my family. But I like to think that the man I got my name from was a smart, strong, and brave man. I like to think this Gaelic man was a hero and didn’t make a bad reputation for my name. I hope he was the most jolliest type of man that there was. I wonder if this man was a comedian, just like myself. I’m starting to think he’s just like me.

In school when I was younger my name was sometimes made fun of because I’m a boy with a “girls name”. It’s like being the last person in line in the DMV. It absolutely sucks. But as the years went on it grew on everyone including me and they all seemed to like it. No one giggled at my name or made fun of it. As for my friends when were walking in the halls and they hear someone say my name and a girl responds they chuckle but don’t worry I always prank them back. But no matter what was said about my name, I never wanted to change it… don’t know why, I felt like my name was one of a kind. Different for a male.

My name, no matter called; Cassidy, Cass, it has huge meaning to it and wouldn’t trade it for the world it fits me well. So… about the “clever and curly headed part”, my name also means strong and wise… Maybe. Depends on the day. which is true to a certain extent.

The author's comments:

This piece was created about myself. This describes my name and how it fits into my life. 

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