February 27, 2018
By Anonymous

Sage and diamond are faternal twin sisters who were kidnapped when they were only 8 years old. read tgis book and see how the girls survive. SHORT STORY

Chapter 1: where it all started

The day was a fun and sunny day. The sun was shining brightly in the vibrant blue sky. My sister and I were 8 and running through the woods playing tag. I tried to climb up the tree so that she wouldn’t find me. I got to the top and I instantly regretted my decision to climb up this huge tree. I slipped on the moss that was on the brown damped trunk of the tree. I braced myself for the pain that I was about to endure, but I never felt it. I slowly opened my eyes to try and figure out why I didn’t feel pain. I looked around and saw my fraternal twin, Sage, looking at me in shock.
That day my sister and I convinced ourselves that it was a dream. The next day we were running through the woods again. And I felt that something was wrong. I looked over at my twin sister and I can see in her green eyes that she felt it too. I grabbed her hand and changed the direction that we were running it. After five minutes of running we saw an abandoned cabin and my sister and I ran into the cabin.
After an hour we hear some people talking right outside the door of the cabin. I peaked out the window and I saw to figures outside the door. I put one of my shaking hands on my sisters mouth and I motioned for her to be quiet. “I think we lost them” the one to the right said. “ boss isn’t going to be happy about this” the one to the left said. The one to the right nodded his head and walked off. After awhile the man to the left walked off. My sister and I realized a breath we didn’t realize we were holding in. as soon as we realized our breath I felt a hand go over my mouth and I looked over and saw my sister had a hand over her mouth. Before I could fight I felt a prick on my left top arm and I passed out. My last thought was “I hope sage is ok”
3 years later
Suddenly I felt myself being shaken from the nightmare/memory. I opened my hazel eyes to see my sister, sage. I get a good look at her and I can see the flow of tears falling down her face as the rain pours down outside. I immediately know that she had the same nightmare as me. We have it almost every night since we were kidnapped. I can tell that her emotions are changing the weather because as soon as I hugged her a rainbow appeared outside and the rain stopped.
I looked at her and said, “Are you ok sage.” She answered “yes I just want to leave this place”
As soon as she said that she broke down crying.”I have a way that we can leave without being spotted” I said to her.
“I’ve been saving money ever since they took us and I have enough to get a plane and leave the state” I continued.
She got up and hugged me and said “thank you Dinasty you’re the best sister ever!.”
I replied with “start packing now we leave at 12am sharp I have a plan”
After I said that she jumped up and started pilling clothes into her travel bag. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. I started packing, got all the money together, and I prayed that the plan will work.
to be continued...

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