The Legend-Part One

January 29, 2018
By Mr_Twister_43 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
Mr_Twister_43 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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The Frost Lord's were a wicked Group Evil that sought on destroy earth, from the inside. They were the most powerfulest entities in the universe stronger than Thanos himself. They have destroyed colonies, Planets, Galaxies. But there was a group of unnatural beings who had the power to Demolish solar systems, Galaxies, and part of the universe. They were the only things that could bring an end to the frost lords. But they disappeared on August 12, 2020 6:30 Pm which was the day 3 children were born. They are the chosen ones, but they do not know it yet.


My name is Jake I am 15 along with my twin sister. I live in a small town name Monticello. I am a outcast along with my fellow friends Jackson, Benny, Colton, and John although John was very popular he didn’t like the attention of being “popular”  he got so he stuck with us. Im generally a nice kid but i have always had a destructive side to me. Man i just love to destroy, build, then destroy again. My friends hate that. I almost destroy john's friendship with jackson but we all gucci now.

August,7 2035 5 days until my birthday.

It is currently 7:30 Am I am heading to school with Savana my sister like we normally do. This day though was not like any normal day. A larger cloud of black Smoke cover us. It wasn’t like fire smoke. It was something else. We tried to escape but there was no escape. We thought we were done for. But a flash of golden light appeared. I was speaking to us. It said in a raspy voice “ Young Wolves you are one of us you are a Guardian like we were, on your 16 birthday you both will feel a strong energy start to flow inside of you. Find another wolf by the name of Colton Jackson. He is one one of you. Find Him.”  the smoke was gone.

“Colton jackson, is that you friend with the same Birthday as ours?” ask Savana
Oh, Okay then… Let's get him”
“Yeah good plan”
At lunch we found colton and told him what happened that morning. Since that day he has walked home with us. To protect us until the day came, because he had already had some of his abilities come to him. He was able to summon a Fire-Forged Hammer. Our time was about to come.


August, 12 2035 6:20 10 more minutes.

  The Squad was walking home from school, We were a block away from my house when we heard a loud explosion to our left. A large orb had landed in the street next to us. It started to dissolve in front of us. A mechanical creature crawled out of it.  It had 2 legs, a thick base, A gun for a arm, and 4 Robotic and demonic looking eyes. They stared at Colton and John. It targeted Colton and lifted the gun up ready to fire. Instead of summoning the hammer to fight the beast he got us to safety. Shots rang out. The police were here. They stood no chance though. They were immediately shot and killed. We sat there and was watching the battle. The thing was at least 20 feet tall. The army was here now. More powerful methods were used. A Rpg did nothing but knock it back a bit. 4 Big trucks with 50 cals were used, but there was no headway. Now the tanks were used. One tank did some damage. Some metal was torn off. Which got the Robot really angry. It switch its Weapon, it craft a new weapon from the gun. This weapon launch all of the army back 20 miles. The creature created a dome shield to keep them out and us inside.

  ¨ Wa…how….oh no” said Savana.

  The creature was locked on us now. It walked over and grabbed Jake Lifted him up and crushed him to death. Now this moment is what set us all off. Colton was enraged and on fire. Savana had a purple mist or something floating off of her, And I was Covered in electricity. Colton Summoned the Hammer and went out to fight. Me and Savana were struggling but soon got it. We watched the fight. Colton was consumed in fire, beating The Being with his hammer. Savana began to boosting Colton in the fight. Making his hits damage the entity more. I tried to help but my ability was not working. The BOOM!! I heard an explosion. The ground shook. The creature was gone. We looked around but nothing could be seen. I heard a robotic noise behind me. It was the creature but more powerful. It was now what i call a Titan. It was much bigger now. Both arms were guns. It had the power to tear up the ground with one step. It was electrocuting Colton and Savana. They were immobilized. It was up to me now. With all the fury stored up. I let it out, the power i possessed allowed me to summon a Bow of Lightning. I shot it. The arrow tore off its arm. I shot more. I missed i missed again shot I missed. Then i fired i missed. I missed again. I really suck at aiming by the way. But this time I took time to steady the shot. The bows sight was directly on its head. I let go. A Beam of arc energy came from the bow, it was gosh darn magnificent. The beam tore off the head of the machine. It fell. Or so i thought. It began to  rebuild and change what its appearance. It became a floating  weapon surrounded by a mist or smoke. Now this we thought was the end for us. To be continued

The author's comments:

My piece was inspired by when my and my friend jake would play a game calleed destiny all the time. and thats where i get the magical aspect from it. and maybe the creactures.

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