A fairy Tale Story

January 29, 2018
By Anonymous


Chapter 1: A Fairy Tale Story

Once upon a time there a house. At this house was a nanny who watched over all the noble men and women's children. The nanny was quite good at her job, and was highly regarded by her peers and cliental. Out of all her children she had four regulars. The brother and sister duo named George and Eve, a clever and adventurous boy named Nicholas, and the eldest girl named Ashley.
They were very fond of the nanny as she let them play and make things with clay, and every now and then brought a Jester to make them laugh. As fun as they had playing with each other, the nanny had one rule "Don't go over the hill behind the house!"
"But why Nanny?" Wined Nickolas, "There must be something over that hill to play with..."
"Oh there is something alright, but it doesn't want to play with you." the nanny snapped, "It wants to eat you!"
"What!" the children screamed. The nanny then leaned in and told the children to gather round her. "If you kids are to every listen to anything I say, let this be it. Over that hill lays a carnivores monster that sleeps in a lake of ooze. Its teeth are as shape as the best spears, it's skin as hard as the finest steel, and it would rather gut you that play games. So please for all that is good in the world, don't go over that hill."
Weeks went by since then, and the nanny's warning still ringing in the kids minds. The nanny took the kids outside to play while she had bread cooking in the oven. The kids threw a ball around as well as played hide and seek, until smoke started to come out of the nanny’s windows.
"Oh no!" cried the nanny, “The bread is burning!" She then hurried off into the house to put out the flames that were spewing form the oven. Nickolas then turned to the rest of the kids and said "Now is the perfect moment to act!"
"To do what Nick?" questioned Eve
"Why go over the hill of course!"
"But Nick, nanny said to never go over the hill! There is a monster there!" exclaimed Ashley, "Nanny would be furious if we did. We would get in trouble!"
"Hogwash!" Nick boldly stated, "It's just a thing that the grownups do to scare us, like saying that there are worms in cookie dough, or that the boogie man will get us if we misbehave."
"We really shouldn’t" trailed Eve. Disguised Nick cried "Are you all such cowards?!" Nick then turned his head to his friend George and said, “Come on George, won't you explore with me?"
Looking at the ground George shifted his feet back and forth and stammered "I... I don't know Nick. Nanny would be very angry with us if we did."
"Are you not the least bit curious? Do you not want to find truth to the legend?"
"Well...yes. I am quite curious..."
"As you should be. It's like I said the whole story is fake. We'll be over and back that hill before Nanny even knows!"
"I can't believe that you are considering this George!" said Ashley shocked.
Eve than started to run to the house and said "I'm telling Nanny!"
"Wait! Sister, please!" plead George. Nick then grabbed George by the shoulder and said "It's too late now to change your mind George! We'll get in trouble either way, don't you want to make the trouble worth it?” George then accepted Nicks offer and the two began to run to the hill. "Wait! Please don't go!" plead Ashley, but to no avail. The boys moved as fast as their little legs could carry them up the hill.
When they reached the top of the hill, the boys realized just how dark the other side of the hill was. The trees a dark brown with decaying leaves scattered around the branches. The grass looked wilted, and the sky seemed to have a greenish look to the area as well.
"S-see," sputtered Nick, "Nothing to it!" Starring deep into the forest ahead of them, George turned around and quickly said, "Well we saw the other side, now let’s get back down there and maybe the nanny will leave one of our arms on." Nick grabbed onto the back collar of George's shirt and plead, "Come on George! It's not enough to look at the forest, we have to explore it too!"
" Do we have to?" wined George as he urged Nick back to the house. "Fine." Nick said, “Go back to the house. I suppose that I will have to just do this myself."
"No!" cried George "You shouldn't go through a monster infected forest all by yourself!"
"So...” trailed Nick “Instead of running back to safety, you should come adventure with me. To better protect me.” Frustrated, George let out a sigh and agreed to adventure the forest with him.
Reaching the bottom of the hill the boys felt the forest emanating an ominous feel, making the hairs on their necks stick up. “S-see!” Nick boldly sputtered, “Nothing to it!” while George was silently thinking to himself why did I agree to this?
The boys gathered up their pride and continued down the accursed forest. Crickets chirped their siren song, the birds squawked at them as they passed, the frogs croaking at them, almost seemingly to say ‘Turn around!’ They continued through the forest until they reached a river as green as slime, and in the river was a rather large object with spikes sticking out of it.
Fascinated by the specimen, Nick stepped forward to get a better look at it. George on the other hand started to back away from it, terrified. He then cried out, “N-nick! We should turn around!” Confused, Nick turned to George and said, “But why?! We haven’t even gone that far into the forest and you already want to turn around?! Where is you sense of adventure?”
“It’s just that this lake looks like that river of ooze Nanny was talking about…” started George until Nick screamed at the top of his lungs, “Enough about that stupid monster! Nanny made that story to scare us! To detour us from exploring this woods! There is no danger. This isn’t a river of ooze. There. Is. No. Monster!”
The crickets then stopped chirping. The crows stopped squawking. The frogs stopped croaking. The forest fell into a deadly silence. “What just? What happened?” questioned Nick. The forest floor then began to shake! The all the animals then fled, and the boys were hit by all the leaves falling from the trees. The object began to rise out of the lake, growing bigger and bigger and bigger! The boys, paralyzed with fear, watched the object grow until it was as big as the tallest oak. The object was the monster. Its skin was a dark black and scales covered its body. Its tail wiped around the creature, and with one violent whack it easily knocked over a nearby tree. The fingers of the creature were razor sharp claws. The face had a long snout for its mouth, and its teeth could barely be contained by its jaw. The creature’s eyes emanated a deathly red glow.
The creature roared a mighty roar, then laughed at the crying boys and said in his deep intimidating voice, “I thought there was no one stupid enough to come over that hill anymore. I suppose that the curiosity of two troublesome little boys can overcome all logic.” Screaming the boys bolted back to the direction of the hill, the creature chasing after them with his mouth open.
The monster then lunged a George who jumped to the right of the creature avoiding death, causing the monster to chew on the bark of a nearby tree. The boys then began to make their ways up the hill, the monster not that far by. The boys were almost at the top of the hill, and to prevent them from escaping him, the monster rammed his head into the hill making it shake with the power of an earthquake! It was too late for the monster though, as the children made it to the other side of the hill, which they then proceeded to tumble down due to the force of impact from the monster.
Enraged, the monster roared an angry roar and then proceeded back to his lake. At the bottom of the hill the boys picked themselves up, rubbing their wounds from the fall down the hill. The two then proceeded to look up into the angry face of Nanny, with Ashley and Eve at her side.

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