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December 15, 2017

My Grandfather would tell me the best stories. Stories that entertained me and made me feel as though I was actually in the story, watching every thing take place. I spent lots of time with my Grandfather as a kid and he was a very big inspiration in my life. Especially now that I am the Grandad. I wanted my Grandkids to adore me as much as I adored him so I took them places, bought them things, and kept plenty of treats of all kinds for them. However like me at a young age there was nothing they enjoyed more than listening to my stories.
It came easy for me to do this for I simply just put my imagination into the words that I spoke. I would tell them tales of faraway lands ruled by kings and queens that were threatened by mystical beast and creatures, that only true heroes could challenge. They loved to hear that famous ending to many great stories, “ And They Lived Happily Ever After”. Legends of mythology, Cowboys of the West, Ferocious Vikings and their battles, Pirates that sailed the Seven Seas, and Natives the ruled the Plains; all of which were spoken about and some tales parts and bits from all of them. I informed them of facts, the news of our world, and the history that made it what it is today. They would ask questions like, “really Grandpa… well what happened next?”. The look on their faces and knowing that was I making them happy said it all. The joy in their hearts and the smiles on their faces is irreplaceable.

The day is March the 16th, the day before my grandkids would be coming to stay with me during their Spring Break. I couldn’t wait to see the three of them, It had been New Years the last time I was with them. We had four days to spend together and I had been pondering how that time should be spent. Now that the kids were beginning to get older, (The twins Willie and Waylon are now nine and Allen the oldest is 11) we could do more and more activities. I planned to take them to the Zoo and an Aquarium on one day then exploring across the family land day the next. As the day went on I grew more and more eager to spend time with my grandkids.
The day came with the rising sun as it was still early morning and the kids would be arriving sometime near 11 o’clock. I was preparing for their arrival by doing last minute tidying to the bedrooms they would stay in and was making a feast of a breakfast. There were eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, and toast along with coffee or hot cocoa for the kids. This was a special breakfast because it was a chance for my wife and I to catch up with our son and his wife and it would be the kids last time to see their parents for a few days. There was a knock on my front door which I hurried to answer and it wasn’t before the door was half way open that they the kids came running through and into my arms. I was over the moon excited to see them and their parents of course. We then all sat down for breakfast and as we ate we talked and everyone caught up with each other. After breakfast it was time for Mearl Jr and June ( My son and his wife/ the kids parents) to get on the road. The kids hugged their mom and dad good bye then it was officially our time, Grandparents and Grandkids time.
The rest of that day we unpacked their stuff and set their rooms up and had a relaxing time for we knew the upcoming days would be filled with activities. The next day came and the kids and I myself were very eager to go visit the zoo and aquarium. We left at 11 o’clock and arrived around noon for the Zoo was mearly only a few towns away from where I lived. As soon as we walked into the zoo our jaws dropped because on the left of us were Siberian Tigers that laid low in the tall grass and to the right was the Mountain Lion exhibit. The more we walked through the more rare animals we came upon, anything from 18 feet Pythons and Bald Eagles to Polar Bears. Next we were off to the aquatic side of things which was equally amazing! There walls to the left,right and above us that were all filled with underwater creatures. It was so cool to look at my grandkids as they were loving it. After we left I took them out to eat and then we were on our way back home. It was around seven O’clock when we got home so we relaxed until it was time for bed. I went to tuck them and get them anything they before I would tell them a story that had been long anticipated. The boys sat up in their beds eagerly waiting for me to begin telling a story that came from deep in my imagination. The story I had in mind took place in medieval times. There was a kingdom in need of saving, a great evil threatened it. An army of corrupt men lead by a man of pure darkness. Scar was the ruler of evil and he was determined to conquer all kingdoms and at the time his eye was fixed upon Aileen. Aileen was in desperate need of heroes. A wiseman of Aileen had 3 young men in mind to be the heroes that Aileen needed. The three men were from a land that bordered Aileen and these boys were natural born warriors and leaders. Dale the oldest of the 3 was a superior swords man as he wielded a double edge greatsword, his brothers Luke and Duke were twins and they were elite archers.

Scar was planning to overtake Aileen by attacking it from three sides, the front and the two sides. Aileen backed into a mountain pass which is how the brothers planned to defend it. They divided into 2 groups, the twins took a group of nearly 100 , and the ground soldiers were lead by Dale. As scar and his forces drew near to the Kingdom the brothers and their warriors stood strong waiting. The first assembly of Scar’s army came into range for the archers to fire upon. Nearly a third of scars warriors had fallen. He still pressed on determined to conquer Aileen. When he was only a few hundred feet from the Fortress of Aileen a band of warriors lead by dale leapt from the mountain pass into battle which punctured Scar’s numbers greatly. Then to wipe out the rest of Scar and his evil a band of Horseback Soldiers shift through the gates of the Fort and into the lines of battle.Scar realized he would very soon be defeated and he wanted dearly to escape so he overtook a man on his horse and bolted towards the border. He slipped away as no one seemed to realize until after the battle. The battle had been won and Aileen was saved and the brothers had fulfilled the needs of the Kingdom. All throughout the land was happiness and the brothers were thanked for their service. They knew Scar would be back and they would be ready to defend when he was. The end.

My grandkids asked me this and that and when the next story would be and I told them soon as I kissed them goodnight.

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