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The Fire Started It All

September 29, 2017
By Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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The wretched smell seeped through my nose as I dared myself to take another breath. I breathed fast and hard, hoping that the air would get down first. The smoke slithered down my throat to make captive of my lungs. I cough to get rid of the vile poison, but to only breath in some more. It burned my lungs, my vision was dizzy and I started to get used to holding my breath for a longer time.

My shoes, melted against the rapidly hot floor, pounded against the ground. My feet ached as I jumped over the burning wood pile. It throbbed as I landed with a thud.

I continued to push through the living ruble. My home, now being eaten alive, started it's own fire. At least, that's what I hoped so. Inside the house I knew my family was there.

Hopefully, alive.

I looked around, my gaze was blurred by the surrounding smoke. It filled the rooms and hallways like death, the thickness was like fog. I threatened to take another breath. It filled my lungs as I gasped to grasp onto some actual air. The smoke traveled down faster and infested my lungs with it's disease. I coughed again, it seemed to be getting out as I pushed harder. But as soon as I took another breath it came back again, more eager this time.

My eyes still burned by the smoke, I ran farther into the tunnel of fire to find my family.

I stopped to look around, my breath came out in gasps. There was an open door at the end of the hall way. My room. I quickly rushed to the door and slammed it shut to stop the oncoming smoke to come any further. The smoke poured in as the wind slammed it shut, I brought my arm to protect my face from the oncoming smoke. My purple jacket smelled like smoke and of death.

I brought down my arm and coughed a little. I peered through the thickness, my eyes winded at the sight that was held before me.

There laying like lumps on a log, were my family. They were burnt, the skin peeling from their muscles, the fire eating their remaining flesh like the hungry animals it is. TI gasped a bit before quickly rushing over to my mother and pulling an arm to go over my shoulder with difficulty. I took a deep breath and gripped onto my dad’s and brother’s limp arms and started to pull.

My mouth burned with bile as I suddenly felt nauseous, I gripped my mouth and kneeled over to the warm ground. My dinner crawled up my throat and onto the carpet. I was crying by then. "This was all my fault, wasn't it?" I yelled out to no one but the fire. The fire seemed to cackle and laugh at my weak state. It continued.

“Is this how i'm gonna go?” I asked myself, disbelief was clear in my voice. The fire came even closer, prowling like a cat, wanting more food, howling even.

I coughed heavily as I reopened the door. My body ached as I stumbled down the heated hallway, and the crumbling steps of my burning house, to the door. A beam of fire landed in front of my body as I halted to a stop.

    “Gah!!” I pushed through the large beams, feeling my skin start to curl up as I make it outside with my family in tow. I stumbled to my destination, my body stung harder.. I reached the door, the handle was flaming hot as I grabbed it. I hissed in pain and slammed it open and the dark cold night wind whooshed in my face as it welcomed me to my new life.

The author's comments:

I had made this story because of how I had used to think about life as a fire, a burning pain and yet it can be so beautiful at a distance. I gotten too close to the fire and in result brought my family down along with me, but I had wanted to bring them to the real world and away from the fire.

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