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The Flame

April 19, 2017
By ThatOneWeeb BRONZE, New Kent, Virginia
ThatOneWeeb BRONZE, New Kent, Virginia
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The world of Ribythy, was dark, grey, and with no life but the monsters of the deep. But then, the Flame arrived, four people claimed it, Lord Fith, Lord Cots, Lord Decods, and Lord Sonco. These Lords of Fire had to work together to overthrow the monsters of the deep, Lord Fith, brought fire and light to the land. Briging humans to the height of power. Lord Cot, lord of the dead, overruled the dead. Lord Decods, brought great knowledge. But, Lord Sonco brought something else, a Firelink. Where in exchange for your humanity, and if you were Unfired, you could die over and over again. But if you went mad with to many deaths. You would die a real death, and never be a functioning person again. But then, the fire started to fade, and the Deep started to rise again. All of the Lords, because of their massive Firelink uses, and with nothing left for them, they began to go mad. No one knew what to do, but Lord Decods, thought he could use his great knowledge to make a new flame, but died in the process, which brought monsters of the deep into the land. Then, with everything gone, Lord Filth, Lord of Fire, sacrificed himself, to rekindle the flame. But meleinnial later, you arrived, and slay all the Lords of Fire, gaining enough power to sacrifice yourself to rekindle the flame. But first you must destroy Lord Fith. Who guards the Flame, a shadow of his former self, to test you, to see if you are strong enough to rekindle the flame. You arrive, and a man who lost everything dear to him, and you two charge at each other, a duel comencing, who will win? Will you rekindle the flame? Who knows, for the knowledge was lost….to time.

The author's comments:

I got inspired by watching a campfire, and wondering if we could have lived on without it. 

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