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Which Way to Turn

August 7, 2016
By 3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
3dogs145 SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
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"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
-Helen Keller

I watch quietly through the computer screen at my father’s latest captives.  The heroes, or The Wonders, that my father had been tracking down for five years were finally in our hands.  We finally had the ability to put an end to the heroes the whole town depended on.  It was too late for them as it was for the town of Smithville.  My father gave me the honors of turning on the machine that would drain their powers from them.  I put my hand on the lever, but I was hesitant.  Last month I would have turned on the machine in a heartbeat, but I am different now.  I don’t know how or why I am so hesitant on pulling the lever or perhaps I do.  My change began only a month ago when I was walking through the town. 
As usual I had gone out in search of The Wonders in an attempt to capture them once and for all.  The Wonders however never seemed to be out in public making then hard to find.  I was trying to keep a low profile, but a young girl about my age had other plans.  “Excuse me, but I lost my bracelet and I was wondering if you saw it.  It is silver with lots of different charms on it.  Here’s a picture of it.”  The girl said.
“No I haven’t and I can assure you that I won’t be looking for it.” I responded while walking quickly away.  Unfortunately though the girl was fast and was able to keep up. “I understand you are probably very busy.  Thanks anyway.  I’m Kayla Anderson by the way, and you are?
“Veronica, now leave me be.”  I said and left.  I never have been very friendly being raised evil, but I was particularly eager to leave Kayla because she had a very familiar face.
That night I told my father what had happened. “I’m telling you she looked so familiar I could have sworn that I’ve seen her before. 
“Or fought her before?”  My father answered with his patented evil grin.
“What are you talking about?”
“A few weeks ago after fighting the Wonders I was able to find a single hair.  That night I ran a DNA test on it to find that it belonged to a Michael Anderson.  I didn’t want to tell you because it was only a hunch.  Go find that girl and make friends with her, earn her trust.  Find out who her father is and report back to me.” He explained and with that our plan was in motion.
The next day I went back into town in search of Kayla Anderson.  I saw her sitting on a bench near the town market.  I put on my best fake smile and went over to her.  “Hey, Kayla right?  It’s me Veronica from yesterday.  I’m sorry about how I acted I really wasn’t myself yesterday.” I lied.
“It’s okay we all have bad days.”  She smiled.  I already couldn’t stand her, but I had to do this. “Here I got you this charm bracelet to replace the one you lost.”  I said handing her the bracelet. 
“Thank you so much I love it.”  She said putting it around her wrist.  You may be wondering why I would get her a bracelet, but it is actually a tracking system.  “Do you want to hang out?”  I asked as sweetly as I could manage. 
“Sure I know a really good place for lunch if you’re up to it.”  Kayla suggested.
“Let’s go.”  I responded.  This continued for a few weeks.  We would go out to lunch, go shopping, and do other pointless activities that seemed to please Kayla, but I could never get her to talk about her family.
Then one faithful day she called me and asked if I wanted to come to her house for dinner.  The moment had finally arrived.  It was time to find out if Kayla’s father was one of the Wonders.
That night I arrived at Kayla’s house.  For the most part it seemed like an average house, but I knew looks could be deceiving.  We hung out in her room while her mother prepared supper.  I was anxiously to meet her father, but I tried not to show it.  Then finally the moment came.  I heard the front door close and Kayla told me to come and meet her dad.  It was perfect.
“Hello Mr. Anderson.” I said when we arrived downstairs.
“You must be Veronica, please call me Mike.”  Mike as in Michael I thought.  I needed more proof though.  So during dinner I excused myself to the bathroom and started looking around.  The only thing I found though was a picture of him with three other people.  The Wonders I thought, but couldn’t be sure.
Before I left I snapped a quick picture of him without anybody noticing.  It was looking likely that he was a superhero, but that picture would tell us for sure.
When I got home I told my father about everything that I found.  I showed him the picture and he scanned it into his computer along with a picture of the Wonders.  We waited anxiously as the computer processed the photos.  After what seemed like forever the screen popped up showing a match.  Michael Anderson was the Flame.  We did it we have found the Flame.  Now it was time for phase two in our evil scheme.
The next day I called Kayla and asked her she wanted to come over to my house to hang out, and she kindly agreed.  When she arrived that afternoon I immediately brought her down to our basement.  “Wow your dad has some weird stuff down here.”  Kayla told me. 
“Yeah he is a scientist of sorts.  Hey do you want to check out his new massage chair he built its right over here.”  She sat down and I pressed a button chaining her to the chair.  “Veronica what is happening?”  She screamed.
“Oh right well first of all Veronica isn’t my real name.  I am actually Brianna, Brianna Sty.”  Her eyes grew.  “That’s right Kayla Anderson I’m the daughter of Jackson Sty, your father’s enemy.  Now you are going to act as my bait to bring your father and all of his friends to my father and me.” 
“You tricked me and I thought I was actually making a friend!  I won’t let you do this!”  She yelled.
“Sorry, but there’s nothing you can do now.”  I said and left to join my father.  “She is locked up, now all we have to do is give her dad a call.”  We went to the computer and sent him video showing his daughter locked up in the chair.  We explained that to save her all he had to do was come with the other Wonders and surrender to us.  Within the hour the Wonders were at our doorstep.  “We have come to surrender just give us my daughter.” Michael pleaded. 
“Come down to the basement all of you and if you try anything your daughter will die.”  My father said sternly.  Suddenly I became frightened, I didn’t think Kayla was going to get hurt.  I just watched as my father brought the Wonders to the basement and trapped them to the machine that would drain their powers forever.  “We are defeated, now let Kayla go!” Michael begged. 
“Actually I think I’ll hold on to her just a little longer.”  He said.
“That wasn’t the deal Sty!”  Michael yelled.
“It was my deal.” He laughed.  “Come Brianna lets put an end to the Wonders rein once and for all!  I will even let you do the honors.” 
I put my hand on the lever and pulled it.  I had made my choice.  I had freed the Wonders.  I pulled the lever that released the trap instead of the power lever.  “I’m sorry father, but I’m not going to be evil like you.”  I said right before the Wonders tied him up to take him to jail.  I went up to Michael. “I’m so sorry about everything my father…” 
“I understand you were raised by the evilest criminal in the town.”  He interrupted.
“Kayla is in here.”  I showed them to Kayla and let her go.
“Dad, what happened?”  She asked.
“Brianna let us go.  I don’t think she is like her dad after all.”  Michael explained and Kayla went over to me.
“Kayla I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I just want you to know that if it wasn’t for your kindness I would probably still be doing evil like my father.
“I forgive you, you were just doing what your dad told you to do.  Maybe we can start fresh.”  She suggested.
“I would love that.”

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