Top Secret

April 27, 2016
By NEndicott BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
NEndicott BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstien
"Sometimes what is right is not popular, and whats is popular is not right"
-Albert Einstien

How could this happen I think to myself, I could still remember that week, it all started with that letter.
If you are reading this you are one of the top minds of the United States Government. If you are not please do not look at this document the following document is for U.S government only.
Dear reader,
The C.I.A is recruiting you to join the government. The following requirements need to be met before you reply:
1. You must consult a C.I.A agent
2. You must have skill in holding and firing a weapon
3. You MUST not let anyone know about this document
4. You must past 15 stealth tests.
If you do not meet any of the requirements, please consult a C.I.A trainer in your area. If you meet all of the requirements please reply this message to
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505

As I read the letter from the C.I.A I was thinking to myself but I didn’t apply for the C.I.A I closed the document and locked it in my safe and started to go to the front door when I heard a knock on it. “I’m coming” I said to whoever was there. When I opened the door it was the C.I.A trainer. “I was told to come to this address by my employers” he said
“You must be the C.I.A trainer” I said “I was just leaving to go to your building”.
“You must be Mr. Edwards, it says here” he said while holding a clipboard “that you have already completed the training, is this true”
“If it says I did then I have” I said. At that moment he told me to follow him to his car, being a trainee I did was I was told. When we got to his car I saw it was a blue Corvette with undercover police lights. We were driving for about an hour before we got to a building that was completely black as if it was burnt, it had a front door that was completely steel with a key card slot, and the building also had a large sign that said condemned on it, probably to trick people into staying away from it. The strict man told me to follow him inside, so I did trying to be respectful I said “So this is the C.I.A building” I asked.
“Well one of the entrances to it” he said to me with a very stern voice as if his voice was an iron poll that was stuck in a piece of concrete. I started to mumble a piece of writing I was writing when he told me to put it away because it could ruin the secrecy of the building. After what felt like 10 days we got to a building that looked like a glass factory. On the front door it had a plaque that was a circular shape with an eagle in the center, inside the circle was text that read Central Intelligence Agency. “We are here, the director wants to see you his office is to the right down 3 hallways to the left and you will be there” the agent said. “thank you, sir” I politely said, walking down the path he told me, I saw a room with engineers in it, a room where they we doing aim training, three rooms that looked like dorm rooms in a college, then I finally got to the director’s office. I lightly knocked on the door, I heard papers then a long pause, then the oak wood door open to a friendly faced person wearing grey, he told me to come into the room, while in the room I saw a lot of bookshelves filled with papers and dusty books. “I am Director Brennan, you may call me the director or Director Brennan” Director Brennan said. “You have completed the training before we even recruited you, I’m impressed”
“Thank you, sir” I said, Director Brennan gave me a tour then showed me my room, after that it was about 12:53 am, so I went to bed wondering what tomorrow might bring. The following day I was instructed to go to aim training. I walk to the Aim room, and grab a Glock 16 and start the aim training, that’s when we hear a loud alarm and the director on an intercom saying “this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill”. I was thinking what on earth, I try to get out but I get shoved out of the way and got lock in the room, with no way out. Boom! I get almost killed from an explosion, but I’m still conscious, at that point all I hear is a ringing in my ears, when it clears up I hear a nuclear siren, then I get knocked out by a shock wave caused by a nuclear explosion. I wake up to a burning on my arm. I just survived a nuclear explosion I thought to myself. When I finally am able to see from all the dirt in my eyes my horrors come true not only was the C.I.A building destroyed but all of the U.S.A was! I was still saying this is all a dream. When I decide to look around. I want it to be a dream but it feels so real. With Glock still in hand I decide to set up base at the half destroyed building that I was in when it happened. I see creatures that look like zombies, but they look so familiar, my co-workers! I can’t believe it I had survived a bomb that big killed everyone else but why not me. It’s like I’m immune to bombs. How could this happen I think to myself. I find cans of beans so I decide to hoard them along with water. I’m the C.I.A, Agent of the Apocalypse! As I started to get up I moaned, "guess thats not a way of travel" I said in pain. After a while i grabed my gun and started to walk around, well mor like limp around, out of no where a t-t-thing came out and attacked me. Bang Bang, I shot it right in the head "guess that training helped" I said. At that point I saw a old looking valve door. I walk over to the door and try the valve handle, errrrr, blasted its stuck I thought, I shoot the hindges with my gun, they came right of as if they were butter on a hot pan. I walk inside to get shot at by turrets! I get hit but I managed to shoot them out, I walk down a long hallway to a safe room for survival, to see one fourth of the cadet wing in there, "You survived" they yelled at me "Yeah but how did you survive" I asked, "they confesed something horrid to me "we knew the bomb was gonna go off, because we set it off!" at that point I was so angry that I shot them to see that they were really an enemy force but in disquises. At that point I saw the leader with a gun at my head, "Have a good sleep, Nathanial!" He then shoots me in the head. At that point I wake up to a knock on the door the a peice of mail through the mail slot on the door, I pick up the mail. It is from the C.I.A, it's the same mail I got in the dream. Should I go there or not, I think.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write about the C.I.A from watching a season of the old show "Chuck"

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