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The Demon Slayer

September 21, 2015
By Jay9869 SILVER, Olathe, Colorado
Jay9869 SILVER, Olathe, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Without chaos there cannot be peace,
Without peace harmony cannot exist,
Without harmony love cannot blossom,
Without love life is empty,
Without emptiness there can be no darkness,
Without darkness there can be no light to show us right from wrong.

Chapter one
The beginning
As I walked down the sidewalk I stared at my feet losing myself with every step I took. I could feel the rain pressing down against my Red hoodie, making it feel like I was drowning inside myself. I stopped, looked up and shivered as the rain hit my face thinking about how my life used to be and how it is now.
I looked over as my friend Mika approached me. She was wearing a Black hoodie with a Red emblem on it. She had Black boots and Black pants with her ears and lips pierced and short blonde hair. I looked at her with pain and sorrow in my eyes.
She looked at me with a bewildered look upon her face. She did not seem to realize the day I was having. It was apparently clear I lost her when she was trying to talk to me.
“Okay.” I said in a low flat tone which is hard to tell if I am having issues seeing as how that’s how I always sound. Then something hit me in my mind.
“You usually don’t give up on something that easy Mika” I said as I looked at her through my sunglasses. She could tell I knew something wasn’t right. She looked scared then she grinned.
“You’re smarter than you look Jay” her whole demeanor had changed. She looked like she was getting ready to strike me. I readied myself for the attack. That’s when I knew the real Mika was missing.
“Who are you and what do you want with me?”
“Who I am is not important, what it has to do with you is. I know you’ve heard of an organization called the Blue Phoenix, their leader, my boss, wants a sample of your blood. I promised to bring him your head instead.” She informed while laughing maniacally. I could feel the blood and rage racing through my veins. She knew she had gotten under my skin.
“You have two options, you can come quietly and give us a sample of your blood or we kill your friend and send you her body, piece by piece.”
“I have a better idea”
“oh? And what is that?”
“I kill YOU.”
I figured she had studied everything I had been doing these past couple of years. So that meant she knew everything about me, my fighting styles, my body mechanics and worst of all, who to hurt to get to me. I spun around to give her a roundhouse back fist but she caught it, as well as my other hand that was going for her abdomen. She smiled, “I know everything you’re going to do as soon as you know what you’re going to do.” I laughed “Perhaps you don’t” with both of her hands tied she couldn’t counter my next move. I gave her a head-butt to the nose and she reeled back ready to defend herself but looking down. She looked back up at me and I could see she was bleeding. “You stupid child, you don’t know who you’re messing with” as she charged at me I could see where she was trying to strike with her right hand I leaned out of the way and flipped her onto her back. She was going to be there for a minute; I looked around and charged at the school building knowing I could clear the wall. I jumped and landed on the roof. I looked back at where she previously lay. It shouldn’t have surprised me that she was gone. “AGHHH” she came up from behind me and nailed my jaw with and uppercut as I turned around.
“I told you, you don’t know who you’re messing with” I rolled onto my stomach and my sunglasses fell off I looked at the ground not letting her see my face. “No, I don’t think you know” I looked up at her and she looked scared, no longer confident and self-assure. “You’re eyes? Why did they change to Red on the inside and Grey on the outside?” I ran at her at a speed faster than the human eye can see and shouldered her in the abdominal region knocking her off the roof and onto the ground. She looked at me as I launched myself from the roof to the ground. She stood up and looked at me. “Now this is a real challenge.” She was smiling again. I put my headphones in and played music from my playlist. “You just screwed with the wrong guy.” She was shaking from pain. “I will win” she pulled out a nine mil., and aimed it in my direction. “DIE” she pulled the trigger and hit my shoulder. She pulled the trigger five more times, I got hit four times total the last two missed me. One hit my knee, one hit my thigh and the other went through my upper arm. She smiled as it looked like I had gone down with ease. I started to chuckle and it turned into a laugh. “Too bad you only brought six rounds and suck at shooting.” She was shaking in fear now. “I can tell you’re afraid, I can see with everything you do, it follows you when you fight.” I walked towards her slowly she threw down the gun and ran at me; I widened my stance and readied myself to take her out. At the moment she reached me I slid to right. She stopped turned around looked at me and collapsed.

Chapter two
The flashback

“Dad? Dad?” I remember going down the steel steps with bare feet, I remember the fear and my hand against the cold metal rail. I was heading cautiously into my father’s lab just across from his research study. I reached the door and narrowly opened it to see through a tiny slit. It looked safe so I stepped in.
“RAWR”I screamed startled as my dad grabbed me while he roared and started laughing.
“Hey bud, what’s up?”
“I wanted to see what you do at work.”
“Okay but be careful, no touching things in my lab okay.”
“Yes dad.”
He showed me where he works, what he works on and some of his equipment. I was thirsty and saw what I thought was a glass of water sitting on a counter. I drank it and my dad looked horrified.
An alarm started to sound and it was scary. I didn’t know what was going on. I saw red lights flashing everywhere. Dad ran over to his control console and ran to me and picked me up.  “We need to leave.”
  That’s when I saw the explosion and the plume of flame following us. Those red eyes that glowed like a flashlight peering into my soul. I thought I heard it try to talk to me but it followed us no matter what my dad did. I could hear him running out of breath and I could feel him slowing down. I saw the eyes getting closer; I struggled out of my dad’s arms and ran towards whatever that thing was. It and I came so close I could feel the heat coming from its body. I reached out my hand to try to pet it and we came into contact. I felt an immense pain all throughout my body. The flames died down and I collapsed and blacked out. I woke up under a bright light wondering where I was and why I was there. I could hear my parents talking. It was inaudible, but I could see they were frustrated with each other. My mom looked at me and I saw a tear roll down her cheek. My dad looked at me and closed the blind. I sat up and looked at my arms and legs. And my hands and feet. I didn’t see anything wrong. I looked over to a corner of the room. I saw a mirror and walked over to it. As I walked the floor was cold and felt wet. The room was colder than a frozen river. It was a white room but I barely felt the cold. As I reached the mirror I still saw nothing wrong. I turned away till I realized I need to take a closer look, something in my eyes looked different. I leaned in and looked. My eyes were now Red and Grey.

The author's comments:

I'm better at fictional writing than anything else but i do lyrics as well. I'm 16 years old I'm new to teen ink and I'm looking forward to your opinions on my writing.

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