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invisible (Continued)

January 31, 2015
By MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
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Jenna woke up in her loft studio apartment in manhattan. She sat up and gently set her feet on the ground as she turned over in her bed. She reached to her night stand and grabbed her scrunchy tied her hair up with it in a ponytale. She stretched and stood up with a smile on her face.  She took to her stairs and as she walked past the empty book shelf that was at the bottom she grabbed her detective badge. She smiled as she studied the indent from a bullet that had peirced it. She never caught the man that pulled the trigger. But she knew she would. She slipped the badge in her sweatpants pocket. She walked to her front door and opened it.
Jenna looked to eachside of the hallway to see if anyone was comming, then she quickly stuck her hand out and snatched up a newspaper. She slammed the door hard behind her. She smiled and walked to the dinning room and set the paper down on the table. She poured heself a cup of coffee and walked to the curtains that covered the glass wall and pulled it open and her smile became bigger as she stared out at her view of the Manhattan skyline.
Her phone rang, "Hello?, Oh hey. Gosh what happened to you? You just disappeared on me. Are you alright?"
"Yeah yeah yeah, im fine Jen. You dont gotta worry about me. How are you doing? I heard you got into a little trouble down town."
Jenna smiled and switched her phone to the opposite ear and picked up her cup," Harvey, you know how my job is. It was some guy. We saw him running from the crowd of bandits with the money. But he had a backpack. We couldnt tell if he was with them and they were splitting up or if he was just a civilian running for his life."
"Jenna I heard you got shot."
"Oh yeah I did.",Said Jenna in an enthusiastic voice,"But that was nothing. Shot my badge. Almost like he knew what he was doing."
"Im sure the guy did know what he was doing. We all know. He was trying to kill you. Did you catch him?"
Jenna frowned,"No, Like he meant to shoot my badge. Just the way he shot at me. Like he wanted me to look like a hero. And no. Thats my assignment now. I have to go catch Robin Hood. "
"Is that what everyones calling this guy? Does he actually live up to the name?"
"Yeah he does actually. Hes mopping up the streets and driving the police crazy. He even wears a hood. People call him "Hood" more than they do Robin Hood. I knew exactly who he was when he shot me."
Then there was a tap on her door. Jenna rolled her eyes and said,"Hey Harvey, I gotta go. Dont let those jerks at the station give you to much crap."
"Okay bye Jelly bean."
Jenna swiped her phone to hang up. She walked to the door and opened it hesitantly then all the way. All she felt was pain in her chest. It was a hard kick. She felt something crack. Before she knew it she was on the floor. Everything was spinning.
The door slammed shut. She felt big hands wrap around her shoulders. Jenna was lifted up and slammed back on the ground. She was dragged by her foot. The lights grew dim. and she saw nothing.
                    7 HOURS LATER
Jenna's eyes shot open. She was strapped to one of her dinning chairs in her kitchen. It was dark in her apartment. The only light she had was from the moonlight that shined through her glass wall.
Then a big shadowy figure stepped into the moonlight. The man was tall and muscular. He wore a white tanktop tucked into camo pants with combat boots. He had about six knives strapped to each of his hips. The thing that made Jenna really scared was that the man wore a mask. The mask looked like a skull with a metal bottom half that covered the mouth and nose. It had three slits on either side.
The man looked like he was going to tear gas you and then gut you like a pig. The man stared out of the glass wall and on to the city.
Then the man spoke,"Do you see what I am looking at?",The man spoke with a thick russian accent.
"Of course you do,",he laughed, "You gaze at this city every single day. With every chance you get."
He had his arms crossed over his chest. As he laughed his shoulders moved up and down quickly.
Jenna screamed angrily," Who are you?!?!?!"
The giant turned to Jennas direction and said,"Oh yes, how rude of me. You can call me Draven. "
The man walked quickly over to Jenna. Jenna could tell he was light on his feet. He moved behind her and leaned in next to her resting his face beside hers. His mask felt like bone. He pushed her chair forward to the glass wall. She fell straight through. She was hanging in the chair staring down at the city. Her face was in so much pain. She can feel all of the peices of glass in her. She knew her body was broken.
Jenna was pulled back up. Draven cut her out of her chair and sat her up against the wall.
Draven said,"You can look at this city, and say it is beautiful. It is beautiful because its on an island, because of the lights. And that you can still see the stars."
Draven grabbed Jenna's throat and forced her to look at him.
"But then you go down to the streets. You see the homless and the sick. The poor. The angry. Then you see the gifted, that call themselves miracles. But when the poor claim the same name you call them abominations. Jenna, you are a police officer. And what are they here for?"
Jenna tried to speak. But she felt pain as she tried. She felt shards of glass in her throat.
"Tell me!!!!",yelled Draven.

The author's comments:

This is the scene that takes place after the first invisible article that you had read. Just so you guys know, I cut it off like that on purpose.

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