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January 29, 2015
By MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
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Dont be afraid to be yourself.

-Everyone says it.

"And? Did you think Zero was the only one? Times have changed Desmond, we cant keep fighting. Not forever."
"Do You hear what you are saying jen?",Said Desmond in a stern tone, "I mean, I get it. One day we are gonna grow old and we may look back at all of this and ask ourselves if it was all worth it. But do you know what i would say? I would say yes. Yes, fighting for the millions of people in the world is worth it. When I signed up for this job I signed up for the whole ride."
Jenna stepped back and pressed her fingertips to her temples. She did this whenever she was using her telikenetic abilities. She opened her eyes, " They are here!",She said in a rushed voiced, "C'mon we gotta go!"
Desmond grabbed Jennas arm and they ran. They were in a tall abandoned wear house that had about 30 floors. The building was like a living maze with all the different hallways. It was hard for one to remember where everything was. Desmond tried to imagine having to work here, but it was hard considering the situation they were in. He wanted so desperately to turn on his flash light. But that would give away their location. Desmond knew he couldnt let anything happen to Jenna.
But like most days, this place was dark, cold, and hard to breath. They ran down yet another hallway, while everything was shaking and collapsing. Jenna Zipped up her leather jacket and pressed a button on her watch. She looked at Desmond. And Desmond saw her face through the moonlight that shined through the cracks in the walls that they passed. He gave her a weak smile, but he tried to make it look good. Desmond wanted to reassure Jenna and tell her everything will be okay.
Desmond placed his mirrored sports shades over his eyes. The frame from the glasses looped over his ears and expanded into a mask that only covered his eyes and nose. Through the lenses he could see his heart rate shooting north. He could see every old wound Jenna had encountered during her years working with Gunner. But all of that was being covered up as her suit was encasing her entire body. Her armored suit was a flat black all over. But her battle helmet had two thin gold lines running from the back of her head over to beneath her eye slits. Desmond could tell the suit was designed to keep something stronger inside.
" That way!",Yelled Jenna as she pointed to a loft with two big fish tank looking things suspended in the air.
"Okay, right behind you!" Yelled Desmond.
Jenna and Desmond ran to the loft. Jenna cast out a grappling hook to one of the rails on the loft and held on even tighter to Desmonds hand as they flew. Desmond let go about half way in the air and everything seemed to slow down for him. He pulled out three small disks and threw them simetaniously to the ground. As the disks flew in a straight line, a blue bolt of electricity connected them together. Two landed oposite of eachother along the walls in the room as one hit dead center. Then an electric blue wall rose to the cieling. The wall cleared and there was no one behind it. Not a sound or anything came from that loft.
On the other side of the wall Jenna was helping Desmond up off the floor as she removed her helmet.
"Thanks, almost fell on the other side.", said Desmond.
"Yeah that was a close one, So how much time do we have? Ya know...Until the wall closes."
"Well it gives us a fifteen minute window. But we are kinda trapped. We need to find a way out of here. If only i could just punch through this wall."
"Okay calm down superman.",said Jenna as she walked up to Desmond and wrapped her arms around him.
He cupped his hands around her face. She had deep sea green eyes, she had light tan skin,and very light brown hair.  Jenna was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Even if she was all scratched and bruised up. She some how pulled it off. That thought just made him smile.
"What?"she asked.
Then Desmond whispered," I love you. Everything is going to be okay. I promise."
Jenna smiled as a tear dripped down her face. She held him tighter and said,"I love you too."
Then the wall shattered like glass. And blew them back. As they laid there all Desmond could see was fire and a big bright light. He could hear machines. And Desmond turned his head towards Jenna. Her expression went from dazed to terrified in a split second.
Jenna screamed " Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! "


To be continued...


"So what next? How do I save an entire universe? Im just one person."
"Remember my darling, Styx and stones will break my bones but you'r words shall never hurt me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The author's comments:

This peice is part of a story that is in the first drafting stages. Just thought id share with you all. So please tell me what you think and please be completely honest.

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