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Building Grand Vanton

January 10, 2015
By 9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
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Today I will build Grand Vanton. Today, my family will look and shout: "Ah, what an outstanding building! Our first son fails in comparison!" Today, I shall surpass all art—including my twin’s-- with my Grand Vanton!

First, mining diamonds and mixing it up with Titanium, I built strong walls for my Gran Vanton. Buying dingy flooring to contrast against that wall was not too hard, but laying down frizzy mats got my back too itchy for my liking. I also add a stair that is in a spot right in front of that front door--which was majorly gold, with a handful of auxiliary alloys surrounding it. Using uncommon plants, I adorn it as a canopy. Finally, I am almost to victory. I jump with joy, and I know that, with this final addition, Grand Vanton would turn into a paragon of a building. Only my skills would dub it, and only my skills. My twin would not put my Grand Vanton in his shadow—no, my Grand Vanton would put him in my shadow!

So, quickly going on to work, I climb Mount Hadnon for my final product—world-famous for amazingly striking out, hypnotizing anybody—ah, Rock of Yantaz, nothing’s stopping Grand Vanton from gaining you! But just as I am about to grasp a part of a Rock—I lost my footing and down, down I fall. I thought I was going to go SPLAT! And not hold onto my soul, for it will fly towards God… But at a last instant, a man with inhuman instincts grips my shirt, and all I saw was a holy light—this man was God for that instant.

“Vanton?? Is that you??” “God” said. And at that instant—

“Hortan!! My….my sibling! I—I don’t know what to say!”

That’s right…it was my sibling. I was so arrogant, I did want to crush him so bad, but in my actions, I forgot all about us as a family. I told him about this situation, and as I finish, admonition did not hit. Nothing involving scolding from my savior did slap. But I was full of contusions in my mind. I was only glad my sibling was on a mountain climb as I was falling to my doom.

I sigh: “I’m so sorry, Hortan. I….I think….my only way fix this is to….stop my work on Grand Vanton. It’s only fair for you.”

Hortan thought about it for a bit, brows furrowing. His pupils burnish in an instant: Aha! Building Vanton with you! That’s our solution! Changing Vanton’s sign isn’t hard at all!”

I grin at him. “Always a smart man, Hortan, always a smart man.”

Today Hortan and I will build Grand Honton. Today, my family will look and shout: "Ah, what an outstanding building! Our buildings fail in comparison!" Today, my sibling and I, will surpass all art—with our Grand Honton!

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