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Unexpected Journey

November 6, 2014
By Catch SILVER, Willow Springs, Missouri
Catch SILVER, Willow Springs, Missouri
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Never ever give up! Don't listen to what people say they will just try to shove you in the dirt. Listen to your heart.

"Around here, we don't look backward for very long...we keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious...and curiosity leads us down new paths" (Walt Disney). I remember the time I wished to take a journey, but kept putting it off. One night I was sleeping in my nice cozy room and when I woke up I was on a beach.

I was so worried when I finaly realised I had gone from my nice cozy home in Missouri to an island I did not even know existed. The first theing I did was close my eyes and listen. I heard a waterfall somewhere in the distance to my left. I turned my head to the side to hear a different sound and I heard scampering in the few trees that I had seen earlier on my right. I turned my head a little more and I heard the ocean waves carefully crashing on the beach, as if not to disrupt the sand in front of me. All at once I opened my eyes and I looked around. I saw that the island streched far beyond what I could see. I decided to get up and take a walk around the island to understand where I was. I walked towards the trees. As I saw earlier, there were only about thirty trees in a small grove. I chose a well trodden path through the small grove and I saw signs od small animals like squirls and chipmunks. I strained my eyes to see the small creatures who lived in these trees, but no mater how hard I looked, I saw nothing. I kept walking on the path, constantly looking back over my shoulder to see if I could see signs of any creatures. Much to my dissappointment, I saw nothing. I listned once again and I could hear the waterfall.It was much closer this time. Everything else around me was quiet. I no longer heard scampering or anything else but the waterfall. I decided to keep walking toward the waterfall.

I walked for what seemed like a day until I came to a thick brush. I looked lefta nd right for a way around the brush, but I saw none. Finaly I decided to crawl over the bush. To my surprise there were no sticker bushes or briars that scratched me. this brush consisted of fallen trees and mud. It looked like once this was a fully-wooded place, but now there was nothing left but this pile of logs. The further I climbed the louder the waterfall got. When I reached the top I realised I just climbed up the side of a beaver dam. I walked around the beavers dam and I saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. There were all sorts of animals playing and scampering around. they paid no attention to me as I neared them, as if they had never seen a human before. I walked around then I saw that the waterfall was decending down a very large hill. All of a suden the animals stoped what they were doing and they looked at the distant field. I strained my eyes and I sawthe most magnificent creature I had ever seen. As the creature came closer I saw that it was a unicorn. The unicorn had a pearly white horn and a pure white coat, maine, and tail. her hooves were perfect. They had no cracks and they were not over grown. When she steped out of the way I saw another unicorn. This one was a male. He had scrapes down the side of his once-beautiful pure black coat. He looked older than the mare but at the same time he looked the same age. His horn was sharpened to perfection and his eyes were sharp with acknoledgement. He looked as if he noticed everyting.

Then I heard a young, shrill whinney. The baby unicorn squeezed between the stalion and the mare. She was beautiful. Her legs seemed to strech forever. She stood half as tall as her parrents. Her coat was a beautiful paint color. She had half black spots and half white spots. for a moment I forgot where I was: I was surounded by so much beauty. The baby came up to me and nuzzled my hand. I closed my eyes for a seccond and I felt everything slip away. When I opened my eyes I was back at my house on my bed. Since that night that I took a journey to a far-off place I have yearned to go back and stay. No matter how long I look back, i keep moving foward with my life, hoping I will get to venture to that far-off land and stay with all of the beautiful creatures there.

The author's comments:

I had to write about a journey of any kind for a college app so I wrote this.

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