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Who, What, and How

March 24, 2014
By Pinkwolf156 BRONZE, Cournna, Indiana
Pinkwolf156 BRONZE, Cournna, Indiana
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Practice makes perfect

Survival is hard when you don’t know where you’re at, who you are, how you got there, or even if there is anybody else there. But that is not the scariest thing that he has been through. The scariest is that there is a black, mean looking, wolf on top of him licking his face with another one doing the same thing. He thought he peed himself. He asked himself ‘what am I supposed to do?’

Ow sorry let’s start from the beginning that might make more sense. I really don’t know how I got here but what I do know, is that I am on an island with trees and don’t know what to do. There is a popped raft on the shore, I think that’s how I got here but I don’t remember anything. So he starts looking around for food and water, so he doesn’t die in a day or so because he doesn’t know how long he has been passed out.

But while he was looking around he saw supplies about fifty feet from where he woke up. So he looked threw the stuff hopping to find something useful like food, water or something that tells him who he is. As soon as that happens, he finds a picture of him and a girl that is pretty. All of a sudden everything comes back to him all at once. How he got there, where he is, who he is, but doesn’t know if anybody else is with him.

His name is Richard black, has a girlfriend named Sara marcel, and his dad died when he was five years old. Last time he knew his mother was in the hospital and his sister was in Hamilton collage with her boyfriend bob. So two days have passed and he is out of food. So he went to go looking in the forest. He looked at his watch that he found in with the other stuff that was safely water profited.

It was about one o’clock. He was hungry so he goes looking for food leaving everything be hide him except his knife. He looks in the trees, on the ground, behind him just in case he missed something. After about ten to twenty minutes he finds a tree with coconuts. So he climbs up the tree and cuts of the coconuts and goes back to his camp and makes a fire and cuts two open, one for the milk and the other for the white stuff inside.

The next day he hears a noise, he thinks it is just the wind against the water or the leaves. So he continues working on his shelter, when he hears the noise close by he is afraid. So he grabs his knife and hopes it is a person messing with him or something. But it was a black wolf they both stood there for about five minutes until the wolf attached him with full force. He threw himself at it and he got scratched on his bare stomach tearing his skin right off, leaving it to bleed.

He jams’ the knife hard into the wolves belly making a huge gash. Making the wolf unable to move. But after he did that he felt bad and so he ran and got his first aid kit and saves the wolf. The wolf didn’t know what he was doing but he let him do it anyway. He also patched himself up, which was no problem.

After about three to four days the wolf came back with another wolf and this time he was even more scared than before, but the wolves just jumped on him and licked him. He peed himself, but that didn’t matter to him. The most important question what was he supposed to do? But he just let the wolves lick him like they haven’t seen anything like him before. He named the male dog Max, and the female Lucy. And the three of them became friends saving each other, if one was injured or even was sad they were there.

About a month later of Richard being friends with Max and Lucy, he started to hear their thoughts and they heard his thoughts. So that is how he figured out that Lucy was in labor, and didn’t know what to do so he just let her give birth to her pups. Witch she named them after their adventure and Richard. Coco, Precious and last but not least, Richard Jr. So they were one big lovely safe family.

Five against the world.

The author's comments:
I love wolves and always wanted to have one. So I wrote about him having one

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