Gray Snow

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The snowball hit me in the forehead, and made my hair look even more white than blonde. I still could not believe that Tina’s hair still looked it’s natural black color, not even a speck of snow anywhere on her head at all.

I have to say, out of all our “two against three” snowball fights this one is, by far, the most competitive. Still the same teams, Tina and I versus Beverly, Amy, and Hailey. We were all having fun, but only one thing was on our minds. How great our sleepover was going to be tonight.
Then I noticed something else. The snowball I was holding seemed to be turning gray. I blinked a few times to make sure I was really seeing if this was actually happening. I threw it behind me and made a different snowball. The same thing happened. I heard everyone gasp. So I knew I wasn’t going totally crazy. I looked up to make sure it wasn’t some clouds, or a tree shading out the sun.

That’s when I saw that the leaves were doing the same thing. Everything seemed to be losing color. I looked around to see if anyone walking on the sidewalk was noticing it as well. No one was freaking out, so I am guessing that we are all going entirely bonkers.

We ran inside and shut the door. My mom wasn’t acting all calm like she normally was. She was walking back and forth looking really stressed out.

“Mom are you okay?” I asked her.

“Tamera you're inside already, what happened, you girls usually stay outside for hours”

“Well call us crazy, but everything outside is starting to turn gray” Amy stated.

“I knew this day would come sooner or later,” she started. “The gems are running out of power. Before my best friends and I had to go and get new gems, until another five people were born, when those five people turn thirteen they start to see what really happens” she explained.

“Wait, so what you’re saying is that the world was just a gray thing in space until evolution took effect, and we made earth have its beautiful color?” Beverley asked.

“Exactly” My mom responded.

“Thats amazing, scientists were proven wrong for the first time this year” Beverly said.

“Okay back on topic, you girls must be the new gem protectors.” my mom explained.

“What do we have to do?” Tina asked

“Take this map,” my mom handed me an old, torn up piece of paper.”It will guide you, and point out the directions of where you have to go, and I will pack you guys a lot of water, and some food, oh and how about some cookies too.” mom said

“I am gonna take Mr.Squiggles as well.” I said

“Yeah we all know Tamara can't sleep without her stuffed pink teddy bear” Amy teased.

“Amy would you prefer if I take Mr.Cuddles for you too?” I asked.

“Yes, but he is way different. He keeps the monsters away” Amy stated.
“Oh and dont forget Mr. Piggy” Hailee added quietly.
“Ok im just gonna guess everyone wants me to take their favorite stuffed animal.”
Everyone nodded.
I ran upstairs and grabbed my rainbow backpack that I used to carry around when I was a little girl and filled it with all of our stuffed animals.

“Oh I almost forgot to tell you. You must be back with all five gems in six days.” mom stated.

“Three minutes ago we were regular thirteen year old girls, and now were supposed to be miracle workers.” Amy said as we walked out the door.

“Are we lost?” Tina asked.

“I don’t think so” I answered. “We might have just taken a wrong turn.”

“So we are lost.” Amy said.

“Maybe a little bit, but the map says that if we follow this path. It should take us back to the main route.” I explained.

“Well how far is the main route?” Amy asked. “Because my feet are killing me.”

“About two or three miles.” I answered.

“But I don’t wanna walk anymore.” Amy whined. “My feet hurt.”

“Fine. We can take a tiny break” I said.

“How about some lunch?”

“I can eat.” Tina answered.

“Yes please.” Hailee answered quietly.

I started making a fire so that I could cook some hotdogs.
“Tina could you go with Beverly to get some sticks so we can cook the hot dogs?” I asked.
“Sure, come on Beverly lets go” Tina said.

While we were waiting for Tina and Beverly to get back with the sticks. We heard a scream. No actually it was two screams. It sounded like... Tina and Beverly.

We quickly put back all the supplies and ran in the direction of where the screams where coming from.

There is a clearing in the woods. The ground is grassy, the sunlight is coming down in streams through the trees, while the clearing has buttery yellow sunlight illuminating every blade of grass and dirt. There is a cave going into the side of a fifty foot cliff. The cliff is a dead end. We can all see a blue light coming from inside the cave, but guarding the cave is a twenty foot tall dragon. We see Beverly and Tina hiding behind a tree trying not to get caught in the blast of the dragons fireballs.
Suddenly I saw something light up on the dragons forehead. A weak spot.

“So does anyone have an idea that might actually work?” I asked.

“ Um why don’t I distract it. then you and Hailey can go and get Tina and Beverly. Then climb to the top of that cliff and push that huge boulder onto the dragons head.” Amy suggested.

“That is the greatest idea you have ever come up with that is not super crazy.” I answered.

Amy started to distract the dragon by throwing twigs and rocks at the dragons chest, while Hailey and I started to make our way over to where Tina and Beverly hid.

We were half way up the hill when Amy started running out of things to throw so she started running around trying to keep the dragons focus.

When we got to the top of the cliff we all started to use every bit of our strength to push the giant rock onto the dragons head.

It took roughly about two minutes to successfully push the boulder off the edge of the cliff, and tumbling down onto the dragons head.
When the boulder made contact with the dragons head, the dragon roared with pain and fell to the ground defeated.

That was the perfect time for Amy to run inside the cave and receive the gem.

“One down” I said “Four more to go.”

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