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The Adventurous Adventures of Spongebob

December 2, 2013
By AriBow GOLD, Edina, Missouri
AriBow GOLD, Edina, Missouri
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Once upon a time a sponge and a cookie loved each other very much. They decided to have a baby. Nine months later they had a little boy. Since he took his father's genes he looks like a sponge. So Mr. and Mrs. Squarepants decided to make his name Sponge and his middle name Bob. Sponge did not like his name being separated like that so he decided to change it to Spongbob. He shall now be called Spongbob Squarepants which made sense since his pants were square.
Spongebob was a hassel for the Squarepants family. He kept getting stung by jellyfish and playing on the grill. When Spongebob was a teenager he soon ran away from his beloved home and family. He soon carved out a pineapple and began to live in it. One of his neighbors was a grumpy old squid. Spongebob started to look up to him as a father until he met Patrick his other neighbor a starfish who was dumber than a bag of nails. Soon Spongebob went to find a job. he found a Resturaunt looking for help and his grumpy neihghbor Squidward worked there! Spongebob became the fry cook and loved it. Even though his boss was a big cheap skate spongebob still looked up to him. Spongebob lived as an optimist and never saw his parents again. The End

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