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First Contact

April 9, 2013
By TheUtopianWriter SILVER, Hays, Kansas
TheUtopianWriter SILVER, Hays, Kansas
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First Contact
There are a lot of stars at this time of night, but this night there is only one. At least I think that it is a star. It’s getting closer and bigger! It’s glowing! It’s going to the nearby forest and it’s on fire. It’s going to crash! I think it’s a space ship.
Now, this is a lot to process. I’m only 12-years-old. My name is Jake Molicks. So, the first thing I did was say

“Mom!” I hollered. “Can I go to the forest?”

“Yes, but not too long, you know what time it is.” Mom warned.

I sprinted to the forest, anxious to see what is in that spaceship. When I got inside the dank forest, and there were pieces of the ship and fire was rapidly burning the trees, because the spaceship exploded when it hit the hard, cold, damp dirt. I can see, what seems to be… A HUMAN!

I cautiously walked over to the human like creature. “Hello, are you alive?” I asked timidly. “Yes, I’m alive, Jake Molicks. It said in a raspy voice that sounded like mine.

I just can’t believe that this alien talked.

“Who are you? Why are you here? I asked sternly, but still scared-like.

Then the alien started to cough, and say, “You, and I are the same person, except we are from two different planets. “Listen, Jake, or me, whatever. I came here to tell you that you’re not safe on Earth, come with me to my planet, Aether.”

“So, you are me? Wow! I have a clone. What can you-“I started to say, but got interrupted.

“No, I am not your clone, I am sort of a mirror to you or like a twin brother, but I am stronger and faster; that’s why I didn’t die crashing down to Earth.” The alien exclaimed. “Now, I like to get going and get to Aether before you die here. When we get to the Aether we might be able to fix this danger your in.” said the alien not hesitating on bit.

I was starting to understand what was happening when the alien stood up and I realized he looked exactly as I do, except with different clothes on.

“Alright, I guess I can trust me.” I said with a laugh. “Let’s go!”

“By the way, you can call me Jace,” The alien hollered at me while he crawled of the rumble. “Since we are the same person, might sound better for one of us to be called a different name.”

Jace took out two very bright glowing marbles from his pocket and said, “Here, take one.” Reluctantly, I took one of his marbles from is cold hand. “Step on it and it will take you to Aether.” Jace told me to do.

So, (of course) I stepped on my marble, and- “Poof” I was standing in soft blue dirt right next to Jace.

“Fortis, come here, I want you to meet someone!” Jace hollered.

Then a dragon with black and dark purple scales came swooping down toward us.

“Wow! You have a pet dragon, that’s amazing.”

“He sure is a beauty, isn’t he?”
“So, why did you name him Fortis? It sounds… Familiar?” I asked him. “It’s a Latin word for brave” Jace exclaimed
“Err… What the heck is with this blue dirt?” I question with wariness. “Oh, it’s just the way Aether is.” Jace said with a giggle.
After a tour of Jace’s home and his planet Aether, we talked about why I had to come here.
“So, your saying, other aliens are coming to Earth to make a new home?” I asked.
“Yes, we just need to keep them away from your home planet. They will destroy everything, because they want the planet to be “better” with their supplies.” Jace explained to me.
“Couldn’t we just make go to Mars instead?” I wondered aloud.
“Yes, you are right, but we have to persuade them to live there, only problem with that is their kind is a very stubborn race.” Jace told me.
Then my vision was fading, like I was waking up, and then I hear this, “Wake up Jake, come here.” Mom hollered from downstairs.
Thank god it was just a dream. I’m glad that I’m in my own comfy room. As I walked down the stairs, I see an endless abyss(I almost fell in it.)
“Mom, what the heck is this!” I screamed. Then Jace comes out of nowhere and turns a switch off, and then the abyss turns back in to our normal floor.
“Sorry ‘bout that, new little security for ya. “ Jace told me.
Then my mom calms me down by saying, “It’s okay honey, the aliens have moved to mars.”
“I told her about everything after you got knocked out by one of aliens hovercrafts.” Jace said looking at his watch.
Finally, after we all were done talking, Jace went back to Aether, his home planet, and waved to us and said bye, then he left.
Two months later…
Journal Entry Two
I have been in the weirdest places in the past two months, Aether, Mars, and Hays. Okay, the last one wasn’t weird, but when I was there, a twister came down by our hotel. When I was Aether, I visited Jace and he took me to Mars and showed me how the aliens were doing there. I sure do have a weird life, but it’s. 10/3/2014

The author's comments:
I hope you enjoy reading this, I had fun writing it. This probably the shortest story I've written.

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Favorite Quote:
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
~ Albert Einstein

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