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Search and Destroy

March 30, 2013
By FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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I was running away from the soldiers, feeling the adrenaline pump through my veins. I heard soldiers shooting their bullets at me and then I heard it, the building fell apart, one brick at a time. I laughed while running. I heard screams and cries from my people getting beaten by the British soldiers. I turned my head to see corpse of people all ages on the side of the road with rats eating their dead flesh. I turned back to the broken road ahead of me, watching buildings burn and collapse. I heard a bullet fly near my ear and I kept running. I was ready to die for my people. I turned and saw the building where I needed to go. I stopped in front of the building, the safe house of the British soldiers. I ran my hand over my back pocket involuntarily to see if it’s still there. I walked past sleeping soldiers and then I saw it. A soldier had his hand gun pointing at a teenage girl’s throat, Dream. The soldier was speaking in his language while shoving the metal further into the crook of her throat. Dream’s eyes were wide and her bottom lip was quivering. I also saw many other people on the ground, submitting to the soldiers and willing to die at the hands of the three soldiers around them. A scream shook the building. The soldiers looked at me, which was when I knew I was the one who screamed. The blonde haired soldier shoved Dream onto the ground and she grunted when she landed on her hands and knees, looking at me. She went to stand up but I shook my head. She crawled over to the people, talking to them softly while looking at me. The people dropped onto the ground covering their heads.

I looked at the soldiers making their way towards me. I touched my back pocket again, sighing with relief. The blonde soldier was shouting orders at the other men then he leapt onto me. The soldiers maybe tough but I was faster than them. I will conquer, I will win. I grabbed my knife from the sheath on my thigh and wrestled with the man. I punched him in the face then he had me pinned. He laughed at my vulnerable state. I started to shake. I was scared out of my mind. I looked to see if my people had left, they had. I then looked at the man and smiled. I brought my knee up to his family jewels. He grunted but never stopped holding me down. He went to grab his knife and that was my window of opportunity. I brought my knife to his throat and slit it. Blood spilled onto my face, the smell of blood made me feel sick. I watched the soldiers brown eyes widen in the sudden moment of surprise then I pushed him off me with my foot. He fell backwards. I scrambled to my feet and saw the man’s lifeless eyes. My mind ran to my back pocket, making sure I didn’t break it.

I looked at the other men in front of me and held up my blade. The brown haired soldier ran at me with his handgun, shooting over and over again. I tried to dodge all the bullets but one bullet hit me. I widened my eyes in the sudden flash of pain, radiating up my spine from my hip bone.
I looked at the wound for a second. The bullet had imbedded itself into my hip making me nearly fall to the ground from the pain and impact. Blood dripped down my jeans but I didn’t care. The adrenaline kicked in making the pain go away. I stood up and looked at the men while shoving my long black hair out of my blue eyes. One was on my left and the other on my right. I pulled my pistol out of the waistband of my jeans and shot the brown haired soldier in the head, cracking bone and shooting right through. The man fell backwards, making the blood stream out of the back of his head as well as chunks of brain. I turned to the black haired soldier. The boy had shiny moss green eyes and tears trailing down his pale cheeks. His black hair was clumped from blood. The boy looked at the fallen soldiers then at me then in a second, was behind me, holding me down on the ground with a gun to my head. I hit the ground and pushed myself up into a crouch. The pain from my hip came back and my eyes stung with unshed tears. The pain was excruciating, making me want to throw up from the pain. I heard marching coming from the streets then laughing. I looked up slightly to see hundreds of soldiers watching me on the ground and the boy holding a gun to my head. I put my hand on my hip wanting to clot the blood but the blood only streamed out of the gaps in my fingers, making a pool of blood at my feet. I looked down at my jeans remembering why I came to the safe house in the first place.
I slipped my hand from my hip to my pocket, bringing out the button that I needed to detonate, and then putting it lightly on my side so the soldiers didn’t think something was odd. I looked at the soldiers still laughing at me. I looked back at my feet and closed my eyes.

I remembered the faces of my friends, Shye, Hope, Dream, Hatred, Pain, Panik, and Misery. I remembered the fun times, the sad times and the funny times. I remembered the face of Caution, his brown hair, his endless grey eyes and his lopsided grin. I remembered Caution’s gentle touches and his tan skin. I remembered Dismay, being the leader of the rebels, telling me how proud he was of how many soldiers I had killed on my first day. I remembered when everything was better, when there was no war, no pain, just happiness when I was only just a child. The last thing I wanted to remember was my name, Passion.
I pressed the button on my detonator. I felt the explosion shake my bones. I heard a high pitch squeal that made me unable to hear anything else but the ringing in my ears. I saw the fire envelope the room, the soldiers and myself. I felt a second of excruciating pain then; darkness took me into its arms.

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