The Incident

I opened my eyes, darkness automatically filling my sight. The strong scent of vanilla present in the air, instantly making my heart beat increase. My palms are dripping with sweat as I hear footsteps. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I immediately dart my eyes all around the, almost too familiar room; only looking for one thing, one person. I hear the uncanny cackle; echo through the walls, as I distinguish a sinister figure appear. My heart is literally pounding out of my chest and I notice the smirk lying across the face of my enemy as hands reach out to cover my screams.

Abruptly, I sit up. Noticing the sweat covering my body, I recognize the bright pink color of my walls, comprehending that it was just a nightmare. Even though I should feel relived, I am still frightened. I’m not sure what is worse, the dream, or reality. It feels like the line between dreams and actuality, is quickly diminishing and blurring into one. This had been the seventh night in the last two weeks that I had that dream. It seems like I will never be able to escape my past, no matter how much I try. “You need to stop being so paranoid,” the words hum through my ears; the exact words my friends have been telling me lately; too often. They don’t understand though. No one ever will. No one will ever understand the pain and suffering I had to go through. No one should have to go through the pain and suffering I have been through. Even though I am past it, it will always haunt me forever. There is no escape. No matter how hard I try, I will never be normal again, this tragic incident is part of me now. Whether I like it or not, I am trapped.

I try to get these thoughts out of my mind; my doctor says it’s not good for me to constantly think about it. Apparently my health is at risk; I know what that means though, they think I’m crazy. No one believes me. Maybe I am crazy; I shake these thoughts from my mind. I’m not crazy, I remembered what happened that night, and I did not make that up. Thinking about that night leaves me uneasy, so I shake the thoughts from my mind and lay back in bed. Trying to fall asleep again; hoping, praying, I dream about anything other than my reoccurring nightmare.

Squinting my eyes, a ringing noise fills my ears. As I wake up fully, I realize someone is at my front door. Hurriedly, I jump out of bed, pulling my robe over my shoulders and slide my feet into my slippers. I walk downstairs and notice the sun shining brightly; it must be the afternoon. I walk to the front door and peer out my window, noticing the girl positioned before me. My face brightens and a grin grows over my features. Quickly, I unlock the deadbolt, and the other lock. “Hey Amanda!” I look over her once. Her caramel colored hair is pulled back into a loose bun, she is wearing sweats and a t-shirt with no makeup, but she stills looks perfect. Just looking at her would make anyone feel less confident; she is beautiful.

I walk over to the granite counter, grabbing the coffee pot, and put water into it. Setting it back onto the stand, I start up the coffee maker, letting the water boil. Almost forgetting she’s there, my gaze falls to the light lines marking my wrist. I frown looking at the scars that are haunting me. My fingers trail over the marks faintly. Like puzzle pieces, I can see the exact knife that fits the imprint perfectly. Feeling the scars, almost brings back the pain; both physically and mentally. My eyes get cloudy, and I feel the liquid filling my tear ducts, ready to spill. Amanda clears her throat, interrupting my thoughts; saving me from my disturbed thinking. I swiftly turn around, placing the smile back on my face, the façade I have daily. I can tell she knows it’s not a true smile, because she reciprocates the same one back. I start to feel uncomfortable; I don’t want my friends to have pity for me. It makes it harder for me to forget. I can tell she is about to bring it up, so I interrupt her by saying, “I’m fine.” I know she doesn’t believe me though, but she lets it go, this time.

I wake up to my screams; my heart is pounding so fast and it seems like forever when it finally slows, as I realize it was just the dream. Remembering where I was, I look over to Amanda. She is sleeping peacefully after our fun "girl’s night out". Staring at her fully now, she looks different. Her once caramel hair is now black. My eyes must be playing tricks on me, I thought to myself. My heart beat increases as freckles appear over her cheeks. I close my eyes tightly trying to get the images out of my head. As I open my eyes slowly, I notice the change in skin color; looking more pale than I have ever seen Amanda's skin before. My heartbeat quickens as I look at Amanda; this isn't her at all, she looks completely different. My mind races, as I flash back to the memories; a dark haired girl, freckles covering her face, pale skin. She floods my memory; remembering the incident. Immediately I realize what I have to do. This is for my safety, I confirm to myself.

I run down into the kitchen, grabbing the biggest knife I have, I quietly started walking back up the stairs. Entering my room, I see my enemy laying in front of me. I walk quietly over to the bed, and raise my hand high, tightly gripping the dagger. Once I do this, my troubles will be gone; she can’t hurt me any more. As I’m about to do it, she wakes up her eyes immediately widening, and her breathing becomes labored, as she starts to panic; this doesn’t look like the sinister girl anymore, It looks like my best friend again. I come to my sense as I realize the girl before me, is not who I thought at all. “Ashleigh, what are you doing? You’re scaring me.” Amanda says through the tears. Looking at her again, her caramel hair is gone, and everything that once resembled Amanda, now resembles my enemy.
The flashbacks fill my mind again, and I remember what I have to do. Raising my hand high, I hear her pleads to stop, but it doesn’t prevent me from what comes next. “Do you feel guilty now, Jennifer? Do you wish you never would have tried to kill me? I haven’t forgotten what happened that night. Do you know what this has done to me?! Why did you do it Jennifer? We are sisters; sisters don’t do that to each other.” I hear her voice telling me that she isn’t Jennifer, but I don’t listen. Taking in a deep breath, I think back to the incident, so long ago. Jennifer tried to kill me, she is my own sister and she tried to kill me. “This is what you deserve Jennifer, You put me through all this pain, and now it is time for you to pay, to feel some of what I have been feeling for too long.” Feeling no remorse, I plunge the blade deep inside my enemy. Over and over until the screams that were erupting from her mouth, turned into a serene silence.

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