Painful Nightmares

I'm walking across a bridge, green vines wrapping around it to make a rail. I look down and see hundreds of people below me, many on bridges like me. These bridges wrap around a tree, coming out and wrapping around yet another tree. I keep walking and see a golden gate in front of me. It opens into a large, perfect circle, surrounded by high wooden walls. I walk in and see a small wooden rack full with weapons. I walk closer and reach for the familiar bow and arrows.

I get into a crouching stance, ready for the danger to come. I hear a scream behind me, and I turn instinctively, and there, in a small alcove from a large rock, is a small girl. Her dark hair forms curtains around her face. Her eyes are wide, fear swept across them. She had her hands against her ears, eyes squeezed shut. Her mouth is open, letting full force of a loud shriek out. The girls hair is black, with blood streaked into it.

I want to put down my arrow to go help her, but I know this is a test. A cruel, merciless test. I set my feet right, and walk in a small circle, my eyes searching for any small movement. I have my arrow ready to shoot, sensing danger around the corner. I repeat this action two times, but there was nothing.

I look back at the girl and scream myself. I have become a danger to her, without even knowing it. I shut my eyes and scream. Scream to the world as pain erupts around my whole body. I fall to the ground, writhing in pain as the small girl attacks. I try to kick her off but she won't budge. Our screams mix together, and once she touches my face, blood spills onto it. She suddenly falls back, her screams coming to an abrupt stop. She looks at me, amazement covering her face.

"What are you?" She whispers, a mystical mist coming from her mouth.

I shake my head in fear, not knowing what to do. Why is this happening? What is she doing to me? She must be a demon.

The pain suddenly leaves my body, and yet I continue to scream. I jump forward and open my eyes. I'm back in my room, my blanket falling to my floor. I start crying and grasp my blanket and pull it up to my chin. It was all a nightmare. There was nothing to worry about, thank goodness. And yet I keep crying, the tears spilling out, one after the other.

I fall back asleep, the screams lost and forgotten in the dark room.

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