The first time i wore a onesie

By , dubuque, IA
First Time I Wore a Onesie

It was my first win ever!
I had to wrestle my first tournament of my life. I didn’t like wrestling at all. My brother was wrestling, so I had to go along any way. I decided you know what I’ll just wrestle. There I was on the mat getting ready to wrestle in my opponent was staring at me. I haven’t wrestles much in my life before this. I wrestled because if I liked it my mom would pay me to not to play video games.
It was two days from my birthday and this was what I was doing. I was not happy. I was on the mat wondering what to do and a loud whistle blew and he hit me hard. He killed me for the first two periods until I was finally getting mad. I remember the match like it was yesterday. I was looking up at the clock and I was down 8-0 and I didn’t even know how to score a point. I started on bottom and the first thing he did was hit my head. That was not a good thing for him because I got a short fuse so I don’t know how I stood up but I managed to get up. I ran into him in threw him on his back. I was so angry I thought I was going to get a pin when the whistle blew. All I seen is his coach going crazy. I didn’t know you couldn’t bit them so my first match I got DQ. My dad was telling me I would see him again since it was an 8 man bracket whatever that meant.
Later that day of course I see this kid again I won all my matches up to him. I was excited to get him back. He was a 4th grader and I was only a 3rd grader and I was so excited to wrestle him again I promised myself not to let him get out of the first period.
I am finally stepping on the mat for the final round. My coaches didn’t think I was going to win but I knew deep down I would. The whistle blew and he did the exact same thing. He grabbed my head and tried to rip it off so I finally shot and I scored at the end of the first period. I wanted to pin him this period but I didn’t. Finally going end to the last period it was 3-3. My dad wanted it to go in to overtime because he knew I was in good shape. It didn’t go in to overtime though he took a finally shot and it was a flurry. He rolled through like 3 times and I finally threw him to his back to get the win. I was very proud to get third I got a big trophy.

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