Assassin Spies Chpt 1-5

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Chapter 1
Zhanna quietly slipped through the dark alley and quickly entered into a building. She met Dimitra, a female Russian assassin spy, and they entered in to the elevator and pressed level 39.
"What did Dimitre tell you to do?" Dimitra asked quietly.
"Ah your brother? I did not see zis brother of yourz," Zhanna replied and Dimitra looked surprised.
"I got instructions from Alexander," Zhanna said and the elevator stopped. The two girls stepped out of the elevator and looked around.
"Remember to kill all the guards Zhanna," Dimitra said and she quickly ran down the hallway. Zhanna took out her dagger and entered a brightly lit room.
"Zhanna Mariah Waterweed…How lovely to see you," a voice said behind Zhanna. Zhanna spun around and saw her father at the door with his guards.
"Father!" exclaimed Zhanna and her father smiled.

"Have you come to join me? To create a world? You want power don’t you Zhanna. That’s why you came right?" Zhanna’s father asked.
"What? What iz zis nonsense about father?" Zhanna asked confused.
"You need to improve your English young girl," her father replied and looked out of the window.
"I see that you ‘ave improve your English."
"Yes, very very true."
"I don’t like zis at all."
"Come join me Zhanna. Join your father to a new world! Together, we can raise new cities and rule them all!"
Zhanna shook her head and Dimitra burst into the room with Dimitre behind her.
"Dimitre!" exclaimed Zhanna.

"Apparently, your father’s guards tied up Dimitre and locked him up," said Dimitra angrily.
"Father! How could you!" cried Zhanna and her father laughed.
"Of course, I did the same to your mother and she died of starvation. Ha! That piece of weakling!" smirked Zhanna’s father and he turned away.
"You…you…killed…mother?" Zhanna stammered and her father smiled.
"Yes, that piece of annoying filth is now out of my way," her father said and he laughed like a lunatic. He snapped his fingers and left the room. The guards that was surrounding Zhanna’s father began closing on to the three companions.

"Kill them all," hissed Dimitre and he attacked. Dimitra did a back flip and landed on two guards. Zhanna quickly stabbed the guards and soon, Dimitra and Dimitre was dragging the bodies into the closet.
"We need to talk to Alexander," muttered Zhanna and she left the room, with Dimitra and Dimitre following.
Zhanna’s father stepped out from the shadows and watched them go.
"Kill them," he ordered and a big black monster dog ran after them.
"This will be very fun after all," said Zhanna’s father, smiling and he set a bomb in the building. He got into a cab and left, hearing the huge explosion of the building and he smiled and called his special assassin guards.

Chapter 2
Alexander was reading a book when Zhanna, Dimitre, and Dimitra entered the room.
"Ah so you are back Dimitre? How was your vacation?" Alexander asked coldly.
"He was kidnapped. John had his guards take him and tie him up.
"What?! John Waterweed?!" screeched Alexander and threw his book at the wall.
"What do we do?" asked Zhanna and Alexander snapped, "What kind of spy are you?" Zhanna looked confused and Dimitra replied, "Zhanna is an original assassin spy, while my brother, Dimitre and I are Russian assassin spies."
"Good…. I’ll ask Ian to help you guys," muttered Alexander.

"Ian Hunter?" asked Dimitre sharply and Alexander nodded.
"Hold on, what are you guys going to do?" Zhanna asked and Dimitre coldly replied, "We are going to kill your father." Zhanna froze for a moment and then yelled, "No! You can’t do that! You can’t!"
"If you want us to watch our family die by your father, then go join him," snapped Dimitra. Zhanna looked as if she got slapped in the face and then shouted, "Zen maybe I will!" and stormed out of the room.
"Traitor!" hissed Alexander, staring at Zhanna angrily. Zhanna reentered the room and slapped Alexander on the face.

"Guards!" yelled Alexander and Dimitre swiftly moved to Zhanna.
"Zhanna! Are you out of your mind? Calm down," ordered Dimitre, holding Zhanna’s arm tightly.
"I don’t care if zis fool dies," snarled Zhanna and tried to attack Alexander.
"She’s a madwoman!" yelled Alexander and Dimitra swiftly said to Alexander, "Leave! Dimitre and I will control her!" Alexander nodded and sprinted out of the room, yelling that Zhanna was a madwoman.

"Move! I’ll claw him to piezes and make sure ‘ee dies!" screeched Zhanna.
"Argh!" yelled Dimitre as Zhanna threw him off her and sprinted to the door. Dimitra came charging from the other side, her cloak billowing behind her, and Dimitra knocked Zhanna down.
"Argh! Stop attacking me! I need to kill zat fool of Alexander!" screamed Zhanna and stabbed Dimitra on the arm. Dimitra winced from the pain but still held on to Zhanna.
"The shot Dimitre! Quickly!" ordered Dimitra and Dimitre nodded. He quickly found the sleeping shot and stabbed Zhanna with it. Zhanna became drowsy and let go of Dimitra.

"Sleeping. Take her to the sleeping quarters," said Dimitre and Dimitra called for the guards, who took Zhanna to the sleeping quarters.
"Oh no…" said Dimitra staring at her phone.
"What is it?" Dimitre asked curiously and his phone beeped.
"Hey! A text message from Vladimir!" said Dimitre.
"Same here, and what’s up with all these Russian Spies?" asked Dimitra.
"We’re awesome, that’s why," said Dimitre grinning.

Chapter 3
"Is this the right place?" asked Dimitra, entering a room.
"Yeah, must be. That's what Vladimir said on the text message," said Dimitre looking around.
"Hello my friends," said John as he came from the shadows.
"John Waterweed!" hissed Dimitra and Dimitre looked around.
"A trap!" said Dimitre quietly and John laughed like a maniac.
"Exactly! Guards! Show them Vladimir!" said John cheerfully.
"VLADIMIR!" yelled Dimitra in shock as she saw Vladimir tied up and beaten.
"I told him to send you the text messages and some beating had to be done," said John inspecting his nails.

"Run...Dimitra...Dimitre..." gasped Vladimir and the guard kicked him on the face and blood spurt out of Vladimir's nose.
"You'll pay," snarled Dimitre. John laughed and ran towards Dimitra and held a knife at her neck.
"Oh yeah?" John asked laughing and Dimitra kicked John hard on the shins.
"Owww" howled John, hopping around. Dimitra and Dimitre drew out their pistols and cocked it. John looked up and they pulled the trigger. John's image started to flicker when the bullets hit him and John disappeared, along with the guard.
"Computerized image. It is a trap," hissed Dimitra and sprinted toward to Vladimir and released him of his bonds. Vladimir collapsed and Dimitra dragged him towards Dimitre. Dimitre scooped up Vladimir and sprinted out of the room.

Later, back at the A.S.H (Assassin Spies Headquarters), Vladimir was given special treatment at the Healing Room.
"It is going to take a long time for him to heal and once he is finished healing, he cannot do anymore spy things until three weeks are up," said the doctor as he finished inspecting Vladimir.
"So after he heals up, and he is walking around and all that junk, he can't fight until after three weeks?" asked Alexander and the doctor nodded.
"The bones are weak so after three weeks, the bones will be strong again," the doctor said.

"Ok, you are dismissed," said Dimitra and the doctor bowed and exited.
" of our great assassins is injured," sighed Alexander.
"Sir! Sir!" yelled a distressed maid and quickly entered the room.
"What is it Sarah?" asked Dimitre and Sarah said, "Zhanna...escaped...she's...not"
"What!" yelled Dimitra and the maid trembled. Dimitra sprinted towards the Sleeping Quarters with Dimitre right behind her and they entered the room. Zhanna was missing from her bed and they ran outside. They saw a figure of Zhanna entering a black car and sped off.
"Traitor. So she decided to join her father," hissed Dimitre and Dimitra slammed her hand on to the rail. They both entered Alexander's study and spoke to him about it.
"Get the guards who was supposed to guard Zhanna," snapped Alexander to the guard outside his room. The guard nodded and left, entering later with the two guards.

Chapter 4
"What happened," demanded Alexander and the two guards explained they were so tired so Zhanna had it as an advantage and hit them and escaped.
"Were you trained to fight?" asked Dimitre and the guards nodded.
"Aren't you trained to watch the prisoners, when it is time?" asked Dimitre angrily and the guards nodded.
"Aren't you supposed to be always on alert?" asked Alexander and the guards nodded again.
"THEN DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY," yelled Dimitra and the guards jumped.
"Lady Dimitra, next time we won't do this, please forgive us," said the first guards and Dimitra kicked him on the shins and the guard fell to the ground. The second guard bowed and said the same thing as the first guard said and Dimitra punched him on the face.

"I don't need fools like you but I will give you one more chance," Dimitra said coldly and the guards quickly stood up and bowed.
"Thank you my lady," they said and the second guard, holding his bloody nose said, "John Waterweed was spotted in a black car when Zhanna had entered his car when she escaped."
"WHAT?! AND YOU ARE TELLING IT TO ME NOW?!" shrieked Dimitra and she punched the guards.
"Sister...calm down," said Dimitre, and Dimitra exited the room.
"Now, go clean up your bloody face and rest. You must have been very tired. It wasn't your fault that Zhanna escaped. Next time, ask another guard to take your place so you can rest ok?" said Dimitre gently and the two guards nodded.

"Thank you my lord," they said bowing and exited the room.
"Your sister got some temper for a really good assassin," said Ian and Dimitre spun around and Alexander looked up.
"Ian Hunter!" said Dimitre in surprise.
"You saw everything?" Alexander asked and Ian nodded.
"Some temper," repeated Dimitre, staring at Alexander with a weird expression.
"Yeah..." smirked Ian and Dimitre launched at Ian.
"Don't say that about my sister!" screeched Dimitre and punched Ian.

" has a lot of...hitting...fighting," said Alexander, staring at Dimitre and Ian fighting. Just then, Dimitra entered the room and threw off Ian off Dimitre.
"Gah!" choked Dimitra as she fell to the ground.
"Sister!" said Dimitre frantically and quickly went to her side. Dimitra started twitching and she fainted.
"Oh no..." Ian said, staring at Dimitra with wide eyes. He left the room and reentered with a pillbox. Alexander was busily mixing some potions and he was about to tip some into Dimitra's mouth and Ian shouted, "NO!"
"What?" asked Dimitre and Ian gulped.
"Dimitra has...the D Virus," said Ian and Alexander and Dimitre's eyes grew wide with shock.
"The D Virus?" whispered Dimitre and stared at Dimitra.
"You mean the virus that the scientists in our lab was experimenting on? The virus in a pill which turns you TO A DRAGON?" yelled Dimitre. Then Dimitra started to change.

Chapter 5
"Ah... Di... mi... tre... I... can't... breathe." Choked out Dimitra. Her face turned longer and black, her hair disappearing. She grew larger and larger and soon she was a young dragon.
"Hey... wait... I feel weird... like so so so weird!" Dimitra said, flapping her wings.
"Um... you do know that you are a dragon right?" Ian asked, trying hard not to laugh.
"I know... I know... I ate the D Virus pill on purpose," Dimitra replied, breathing fire.
"Why?" Ian asked, staring at Dimitra.

"Because... because... I don't want to be loved by someone." Dimitra said shyly.
"Ian... do you like my sister?" Dimitre asked slowly.
"Yes, I do, WHY?" Ian said bravely and Dimitre punched him.
"IAN!" Shrieked Dimitra and she turned on Dimitre and clawed him.

"RAR!" Dimitra roared and breathed fire on Dimitre. He quickly extinguished it and glared at Dimitra, and dragged Alexander out of the room and slammed the door closed.
"Why do you want me to stop liking you?" Ian asked and Dimitra huffed, puffing out smoke.
"I'm a Russian Assassin. I took an oath to protect, not to be liked or loved or all that," Dimitra said coldly and walked around the room. Ian shook his head and picked up Dimitra and carried her outside.
"I"m light?" Dimitra asked curiously and Ian laughed.

"All young dragons are usually light. But once they get older, it's a problem. Dimitra, if the virus goes wrong, you might have to stay as a dragon forever." Ian said, getting serious as he said the last sentence. Dimitra rolled her eyes and hopped out of his arms and spread out her wings.

"I'm gonna fly!" Dimitra announced and jumped, and she quickly flapped her wings. Suddenly she screamed in agony and she expanded quickly, now transformed into an adult dragon, and she flapped her powerful wings and roared. She suddenly dived and Ian yelled out her name but Dimitra ignored and extended her claws, and caught someone.

"Ack! Father! HELP!" Screamed the victim and Dimitra flew back towards the castle and landed the victim in front of the shocked Ian.
Ian stared at the victim for a moment and then his expression changed from a shocked face to a furious look.
"Why hello Zhanna. Isn't it lovely to see you again," spat Ian.

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