brothers of distruction

Just when i thought that god was going to screw me out of my life an everything i hold dear, he didn't. Lets star at the beginning. My name is Logan and this is my story. It all started with a big heist. Me and my brother Shaun were about to rob the Bank of America. I stepped out the van filled with the most dangerous weapons a human can possibly dream of. "Shaun give me a light" i sad to him hoping that he wouldn't give me that soul crushing stare that he uses every time i ask him to light my cigarette and want to get stoned. "No Logan not this time, Satan can have your soul later." My brother always pretends to care about me; saying stuff like i need you alive so survive. Many people think that no one would be stupid enough to steal from one of the safest banks in the world, well, they never met us. Shaun kicks the door down and screams "everybody on the ground." "don't be hero and you don't get shot," i warned, but i didn't really need to say that because everyone was already on the ground scared for their lives. Of course anybody would be scared of two masked men holding ak47s and stating that they would kill you. Shaun held a sack and walked around telling people to put the money in the bag. I walked over to one of the counter girls and asked her to open the vault. "I can't, i don't control the vault the manager does," the counter girl said. I new she wasn't lying because no one would lie if a lunatic was holding a loaded gun."Where is he" i yelled to the top of my lungs. I had no time to be sitting here playing guess who so made sure that they new this wasn't a joke. GUN SHOT. "aaaaaaggggggghhhhh" a man yells. He fell down to the ground holding his leg yelling in agonizing pain. "h-h-he shot him" the counter girl screams. She started to shake from fear, i could tell, she didn't like the thought of being near me scared her to the point of crying. That's the chance i took. "if you don't do what i want you'll end up like him," i whispered into her ear. Her heart pounded as fast as lightning to the point were she threw up a lot of chunks too. "Logan enough" Shaun said comforting the counter girl "she's just a kid don't scar her". Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeooooo. Sirens in the distance. "Logan time to go" Shaun yelled, but it was too late; the cops engulfed the bank of America building before we could even blink. While Shaun was busy giving me the the soul crushing stare i was trying to find the way out of this, but with the cops out there we had no where to run. The only option that we had was to risk our lives by jumping off a 12 story building. I had no choice, because of all the robbery's we pulled, the cops wouldn't think twice about shooting us, and i wouldn't think twice about shooting them. "Shaun," i yelled "up stairs we r going to jump off the building." "What Shaun," said looking confused like a dog looking at its self in the mirror."I'll explain it later okay lets just go." Me and Shaun started walking up the stairs when all of a sudden a helicopter fly close to the window where we are.I not only notice that but also that thing had giant freaking turrets. "Logan run!" Shaun yells from behind me. I ran as fast as i could up the stairs when Shaun screams.I went back to get Shaun when i found him lying on the ground holding his arm. "Logan just go without me," Shaun said,but the only thing that was going through my head was like he double hockey sticks i am going to leave my brother. The next thing i did was really stupid. I ran straight towards the helicopter full speed, weirdly enough i dodge every single bullet that helicopter threw at me until i finally got to the edge of the and then i jumped to the helicopter forcing it to move and crashing it to the nearby building sending me flying and aiming right for the ground. for the first tome ever i was going to die and for the firs time ever, i was scared

to be continued

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Mariesummers said...
Nov. 25, 2012 at 8:10 pm
You have a really good idea and you should keep working on it. I think the begaining could flow a little smoother but that's okay because I think making the story flow is the hardest part.Tell us a little more about Logan and add a little more descripsion. That will add some more dimention to the story and get the reader into it. I really liked it overall.
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