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House On the Hill

November 8, 2012
By Julliete.AE BRONZE, Denpasar,Bali, Other
Julliete.AE BRONZE, Denpasar,Bali, Other
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One day, in one of the classes at the most famous high school, a group of high schoolers chat enthusiastically about their plan for holiday. I Putu David, Teuku Ralph and George wanted to make a special adventure in this holiday. “This year holiday will be longer than last year!” exclaimed George. “What will we do in this year’s holiday guys?” asked David. “Let’s go to Bedugul friends, it will be fun!” replied Ralph. “Ok! We’ll go on Tuesday,” agreed David and George. As everyone, agreed with Ralph’s idea, they went home and prepared everything they needed for the holiday.

On Monday, Mrs. Jane, George’s mother helped them in booking the place for them to stay and their accommodations there. At night, a sound came from Ralph’s phone. “Kring, Kring!” “Wait, I’ll take the phone,” offered Ralph to his mother. The phone was from George and David. “Hey Dude! How’s your preparation for tomorrow?” asked David. “Well, I’m almost done! I’ve packed all things including a small knife for emergency,” explained Ralph. “Oh! I’m also bringing a rope in case there was a dangerous accident!” George said. “My mom have paid all of our needs there, we’ll stay at Kebun Raya Bedugul,” added George. “Okay! So where will we meet tomorrow?” asked Ralph. “George and I will go to your house, how ‘bout that?” replied David. “Okay I’ll wait for you guys to come,” answered Ralph. “So, see ya all tomorrow guys, bye!” said David. “Bye all sleep tight,” replied Ralph.

As the hour passed, the day has changed. ”Yay! It’s Tuesday,” exclaimed David. “Mama wakes up!” David said to his mom. “What’s the matter son? It’s still five o’clock!” asked Mrs. Ruth, David’s mother. “Today, I will go to Bedugul with Ralph and George, my friends,” explained David. “Oh, if you want to go hurry, take a bath and put your things in the car!” replied Mrs. Ruth. After David was done, they hurried and went to Ralph’s house. There, George already arrived first and he brings a bundle of things. “Guys, my dad will take us to Bedugul!” answered George. “Kids, hurry put your things in the car! We’ll be trapped in the traffic jam if we’re late,” explained Mr. Bob, George’s dad. “Aye, aye captain!” exclaimed the three teenagers. “Hahahaha, get in the car, boys,” ordered Mr. Bob while laughing for their childish actions.”While waiting ‘till we reached to Bedugul, here eat these bread that I bought for breakfast,” said Mr. Bob while giving some bread to the kids.

The time when they started their vacation was seven o’clock. On the way, the three boys sang a song and Ralph play the guitar. They sang a lot of songs. Some are gospel, pop, rock and roll, classic and many other genres of music. “Let’s sing the song of initiative guys,” David said. “Nice idea David!” commented Ralph. “Kids we’re almost entering Bedugul be ready with your jackets, it’s going to be cold out there,” Mr. Bob reminded them. ”Yes sir!” exclaimed the three boys.

After two hours in the car, they’ve arrived in front of a big gate, and words were written there. ”What’s that writing?” asked David. “That is ‘Kebun Raya Bedugul’!” explained George. “Yay! We’ve arrived here,” Ralph said excitedly. “Alright kids get ready we’ll sleep at the room with other people in this place, it was called ‘Mess’, “explained Mr. Bob. “Ah, nice idea David,” replied Mr. Bob. “Guys we’ll be here for two days and one night, how about we discover the whole place to the hill over there,” explained George. “Kids go here eat first then you all can go,” said Mr. Bob.

After they finished their lunch, they brought their equipments inside one big bag.” Look at that place, it was like a botanical research!” exclaimed Ralph. “Yup! It was,” replied George and David. There, they found a map slipped on one of a smelly tree at the botanical research, to reach an old green house on the very top of the hill. They followed the map carefully and search every secret behind the map inch by inch. “This map will guide us to a magical plant!” exclaimed David. “Shh, be silent, someone may be spying on us right now,” George reminded them. “Guys, stay here and be quiet, I want to see what’s beyond, because my eyes were as sharp as an eagle eye,” Ralph said. They keep on walking upward toward the hill. “Guys is this the correct path to reached the top of the hill?” asked George. “Yes, it is just like what was written on the map we’re holding,” explained Ralph.

Finally, they’ve reached the highest point of the hill. “Look! There is an old house over there!” exclaimed David. “Yes I‘ve seen that also,” replied George. “Let’s get inside and discovered the secret of the map,” Ralph said. “Come on guys! Let’s start exploring!” exclaimed David. Then, they went inside the old house. It was moist and it stinks, the aroma was not familiar for them. A green spiky plant began to emerge from the door behind David. “David, Watch out!”exclaimed George. “Jumped and ran toward us, now!” added Ralph. “Ouch! What was that before friends?” asked David with a pallid appearance. “We also don’t know but are you okay?” asked Ralph. “Well, thank you Jesus I’m just fine,” replied David. ”Yup, thank you God that we were all saved,” George said.

As they continued following the aroma, they meet a lot of obstacle. Suddenly! “George, Ralph,” David said. “Yes, what’s the matter?” asked Ralph and George. “Remember the knife and rope that you guys prepare for emergency?” replied David. “Yes!” George. “You guys see this carnivorous plant that blocked our way, let’s make a trap to kill it! How about that?” explained David. “Alright!” agreed George and Ralph. They carry out their plan, they tied up the rope on each edge of the pillars there and when the plant was tied, they will kill it with the knife. Then, the plan ended with a big success.

“Hurray!” exclaimed the three teens. “Let’s go inside that room and reveal the secrets behind all of this weird coincidence,” Ralph suggested. “Alright, let’s go guys,” George said. They’ve found the mysterious plant and brought it to the information center.

The sun sets down between the ambiences of this fresh place. “Hmm, this was a rare plant, once we have this kind of plant but, someone stole it!” exclaimed the manager there. “Where did you, kids get this plant?” asked a woman. “After a lot of obstacle we’ve passed, we found this plant inside an old house on the top of the hill, Ma’am,” explained Ralph. “You’ve guys were so brave!” exclaimed the woman. “No one won defeating the creatures of the evil witch there,” explained the manager. “For your brave souls, I awarded you the medals of honor,” announced the manager to all the people at Kebun Raya Bedugul.

“Such a great adventure today!” exclaimed George. ”Yes! We agreed,” Ralph said. “Let’s go back and have a rest guys, I can’t wait to eat Mr. Bob’s home made grilled fish!” David said. They went back to meet Mr. Bob. While eating dinner, they told Mr. Bob for their adventure and they also showed them about the medals they’ve got. “Great job boys! Now go to sleep because we’ll go home tomorrow!” explained Mr. Bob.

So, they all go home on the next day. Stories about their bravery began to spread, as the hero of the mysterious plant.

The author's comments:
At first, i wrote this story for a competition at school, but somehow at first I feel it's boring but,writing makes my imagination runs so wast as my pencil jot down,, such a great experience to post my writing here :)

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