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The grand story- chapter 1

July 12, 2012
By 9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
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The birds chirped, and the sun glowed. Lymphical strolled down the path, admiring the birds, trees, and wildlife. He saw the blazing sun rise in the east. There were no people congesting the roads. The vibrant colors of bright orage and yellow began to rise. Rays of light brushed Lymphical's skin gently. The endless bird chirping filled my head.

Colorful leaves fell from the trees. Bright colors from yellow to brown littered the magnificient path. Refreshing air blew past my fave. Suddenly, the sky began to darken. Slowly, the sun faded away. Silence and darkness enveloped the space around Lymphical. The cirping stopped, and the wind began to blow. Leaves smashed into Lymphical's face, and dust blinded his eyes. He turned and hobbled the other direction. Gloomy thunder clouds appeared above my head. Whithin seconds, the first drops of gentle rain fell. Whithin minutes, the drizzling change to a BOOM! and a BAM! The thunder roared, hitting the ground, lightning flashed, electrocuting the world and ceasing in front of the darkening sky.

The tempestuous rain was pounding hard against the poor innocent people of Portulaca Land. It wasn't even cats and dogs. In fact, if you really wanted to know, the phrase we should use is "Raining Elephants and Killer Whales"! Anybody who was still outside would be entirely soaked in the blur of splashing puddles.

Everyone was streaking speedily into their homes, or if they were already inside a shelter, they hid deeper and tried to ignore the thunder and wind thrashing around their land, bullying the buildings.

By the time Lymphica; got to his house, he was so drenched that it looked like he had fell into the ocean and nearly drowned, although he ran his fastest.

He creaked opened his door with great diffulty and slammed it shut slowly. He pulled himself onto his sofa, lamenting: "Oh, how dirty and wet I am! Maybe going outside wasn't such a good idea after all."

Just as Lymphical began to feel a little better, his naughty cousin, Franklin, suddenly bounced over to him and shouted: "BOO!" at the top of his lungs, right in Lymphical's face.

Lymphical wasn't expecting his cousin to be home this early, and this suprised him so much, he jumped out of his seat and slammed his face into the ceiling.

"Ouch! That hurt a lot!" He groaned, rubbing his head. A letter flew in from the window, and it opened itself, allowing a piece of paper inside flutter out of the envelope and into Lymphical's hands.

Inside was scrawled the words: "Save me! I am kidnapped by an evil villain!" In big, messy letters.

"Oh my goodness! What is this?" Lymphical asked to himself, not sure how to react.

Just then, the door opened, and a flagrant fire came in, saying: "Oh, I can help you on your trip there. I know a short cut." but Lymphical's reaction was as if the fire was malevolent, because the fire's expression looked very harsh and was burning all of his sofas and walls. Lymphical became furious and started jumping around and around on the mats and his floor to stop the fire. Finally, the fire went down as fast as it came and he calmed down.

"Ok, what just happened?" He said, trying to comprehend the situation. "Is this a prank? I do not like this at all! Stop this at once!"

Just when he said that, his cousin suddenly disappeared. Lymphical was very scared. Even though he abhorred his naughty cousin, he was still very worried. When he was pondering over wether to ask the fire or not, a voice, slithering like a snake, filled the air.

It said ghastly: "Get there..... Or else your cousin... and the princess.... shall be dead! I dare you!"

Lymphical sat there for a long time, open mouthed. He was overcome by the events that just happened. Then, he finally puffed his cheeks up with air and blew the air out. "W-where is my cousin? and w-who are you?" he asked, shuddering from the creepiness and emptiness of Franklin's disappearance.

"Let me explain. There’s this villain who kidnaps people randomly for fun, and he wants to see who is brave enough to save the princess." the fire said.

"No! I have nothing! I am not going!" Lymphical shook his head.

"Come on! Don't you like an adventure? My former owner made me with magic, so I could come in without harm!"

"All right, let's go!" Lymphical said reluctantly, to tired to give in.

"It’s still raining. I’m no longer magical!" the fire said, pointing his red fingers to the window. The rain was splattering against it so hard that you could have thought it was hail or rocks bounding at the window.

"No worries, my friend. I have an umbrella in my closet!" saying this, he walked over to his elegant small closet, right beside his TV and sitting on a mat. He looked over all the stuff in there. There were nickels, and candy, and pizza from last dinner, and even his little horse toy from Gorgy State. He searched and searched frantically, but he couldn't find the umbrella.

"It’s too messy in here!" he finally said after half an hour of searching his poorly decorated closet.

"All because of me, you will get there later. Maybe they'd be saved now if you just went there right now." The fire signed.

"Don’t blame it on yourself. Its ok." Lymphical told the fire. The fire then looked at something and gasped, going upstairs.

"What's wrong?" Lymphical asked, following the fire, not noticing the water slowly mousing in. "Have I angered you? I am terribly sorry if I had done that."

"No!" The fire shook his head. "It's not that! It's the water! It's flooding your house!"

"Such nonsense. I know the rain's big, but it's not big enought to flood this house. It's the highest point on land!" Lymphical said matter-of-factly, looking out of the window to make sure. "Yikes! You are right! It's coming up the porch and into the..." And he reliezed that the rain was much bigger than he thought.

He looked back down the staircase, finding his legs tingling. The water was already at his knees! Lymphical found it strange that his feet were no longer tired. Splash! Splash! The water went as he stepped. Wow, I wonder how high this flood will be. He thought.

The fire jumped across the final stairs that lead to the attic.

"Finally, I'm safe!" It commented. "I will never be harmed up here!"

"Actually, you won't. Based on this rate, it will reach here in 10 minutes' time." Lymphical observed.

"How do we get away from the horrible water?" The fire asked.

"I know! I have a boat in my harbor. It will float, logically, and based on the wind movements, the boat will arrive here in 7 minutes. We can climb up to the roof top!" Lymphical said.

"Wow, you know a lot!" The fire said.

"Of course I do! I'm a scientist." Lymphical bragged proudly.

The fire then started to grab the rope that lead to the top.

"No!" Lymphical shouted. But it was to late. The rope was kindled, so fast it was a magnet attracting metal, and it was gone, as if by magic.

The fire looked down at the marble floor.

"I'm so sorry! What do we do now?" The fire questioned.

"I have a ladder. We can use it. The only problem is, it's downstairs." Lymphical said.

"I can't possibly go there. Please retrieve it! I don't want to die!" The fire begged, almost crying.

"Alright, alright." Lymphical grudgingly gave in.

He then walked back down the stairs, finding the water already at the first step. He wade into the water until it was neck high, then he dived down.

The cold instantly zapped Lymphical awake, sending his eyes flying open. Luckily, Lymphical stood up in time, and fumbled in his pocket for something.

"Aha! The super-goggle 500 I invented!" Lymphical said. He took a big breath, and swam back down into the cold rain water. He used big strokes, going as fast as he could, for time was running out, and oxygen was also running out of Lymphical's lungs.

Now, Where could I have put that ladder? Lymphical asked to himself, swimming from the living room to the kitchen. The water was smooth and calm.

Your pain will all be healed. Stay here, yes, stay here! The water seemed to say. Oh, how much he wanted to follow the water's command!

No, I must get the ladder to save the fire and myself. He reminded to himself. Just then, he saw a glint of metal in his garage. He went inside, finding the light still open.

He squinted, barely able to make out what was what. He recognized the ladder he had used many times. He picked it up, but it was much harder to do that, considering he was under water. He swam back using all his energy, but he had to keep stopping because he was too tired. Come on, Lymphical, rest, rest in here. Forget everything! The water hornswoggled. For a moment, it was as if Lymphical was the water, swaying with the current, letting it slide over his hands.

Oh no! Lymphical suddenly remembered. The water is magical! Don't fall for it! Clenching his teeth, he stroked faster and faster. His lungs were burning. He thirsted for air. The water rose like an escalator, as if never letting Lymphical swim to the top. Finally, after a moment's struggle, Lymphical reached the attic in time.

"Here... It is...." Lymphical gasped, putting the ladder down on the dusty attic floor. He lied down on the floor, closing his eyes for rest. He then reliezed that nothing was getting the ladder. Very catawampus, Lymphical looked around. The fire was gone! Instead, there were boxes stacked on top of each other. Lymphical, out of his instinct, started climbing the boxes that lead to the roof of his house.

"The water reached too high up!" The fire explained when he saw Lymphical's head poke up. "Sorry... I didn't really notice the metal boxes in the corner."

Lymphical nearly fell down back to the attic floor when he heard this. He was outraged. "I monish you: Never ever do that kind of thing again."

"Here's the boat!" The fire cried out. Getting in feet first, it waved its hands and said: "C'mon, let's go before the water gets too high!"

Lymphical stared at the fire at a while, then he finally stepped in.

"Alright, let's go. But I don't know how to get to the island!" Lymphical said.

"I know the way." The fire winked.

"When did that happen?" Lymphical questioned.

The fire then paused, not sure if it was to tell Lymphical or not.

"The wizard put that permenantly in my brain." The fire said.

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I changed it again!

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